Amberay – Summer Breeze

Off poll position from the piano, Amberay’s new composition, “Summer Breeze”, (not the Seals & Croft – Isley Brothers early 70s song) is an original for 2021. A Nu Soul, deeply poignant and reflective conclusion to an unrequited love as the lyrics below portray. Amberay is a wonderfully gifted new and true artist, not the fantasy of a svengali – your support now or when you can on your shows is appreciated. Watch the video and be spellbound. Amberay’s “Summer Breeze”.

Pat C – Make It Work

Pat C with three mixes of “Make It Work” across the Original, Club and the Instrumental creations for Carrillo Music. Big hitting tribal drums at 126 bpm zipping and zapping with snare fills that will sound HUGE on club systems as the world’s gigs open up again to the foot stomping dance music loving fans eager to “Make It Work” again on the dancefloors. Perfect timing this release.

Elsa Li Jones – Where Do We Go

Where Do We Go is about having Dreams and Hope for the Future for everybody.

Gothenburg’s music Queen, Elsa Li Jones, returns with her brand new recording and song “Where Do We Go” across two mixes including the Original and the excellent Dream Remix which musically reminded me of “That’s The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby & The Range.

Lyrically the two songs have similar deep origins in their poignant lyrics. Indeed “Where Do We Go” from here is going to be a question we ask ourselves repeatedly in the months ahead. We need artists like Elsa to do as the legendary artists of the late 60’s did in their music – raise awareness with sweet melodies. Bravo Elsa Li Jones. Out on Spotify & Apple Music now.

Dj Mezmerize – Cotton Eye Joe

The huge hit song “Cotton Eye Joe” is back with a brand new fresh dance remix by Mike Van Dee. The smash hit single from 1994 by the Swedish country dance band Rednex scored success in many countries around the world – Top position #1 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden & UK. In Germany the single was awarded double platinum for over one million units sold!. Here are two mixes of the Mike Van Dee remix for the dancefloor, radio and streaming.. Out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Pandora and Beatport via ZYX Music.

Nikifor – Togetherness

And here is the summer house hit of 2021!! This is one of the best feel good records you have heard in a long time!! DJ Nikifor from Macedonia is one of the best DJs in this area and plays almost every big event. He is passionate about music. He loves playing music at parties.

Togetherness is the happy track we need after this terrible time of social distance and being separated from each other. Togetherness is what we need now. Let`s dance into summer 2021 and sing “We need togetherness” What a Track!

We really look forward to this release and we cannot wait to sing it together with you. There are deep music vibrations in DJ Nikifor , from Skopje, the capital city North Macedonia, a city that has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC, deep vibrations as listening to his DJ mixing attests to. Out on Spotify & Apple Music from Nouveau Niveau Records now…

DYLAN – I’m Not Your Everyday

Following the ARIA Chart success of his collaboration with dance music trio, Modern Citizens, DYLAN is back with his emotionally charged next single “I’m Not Your Everyday”. This is another co-write with The Potbelleez frontman, Ilan Kidron, and in DYLAN’s opinion, his best work yet!

“Ilan and I were able to connect and write something that allowed me to open my heart and move beyond those intense emotional impulses I felt toward the people who have hurt me in the past and to love them anyway; the most important thing that you can do as a human being. It’s a big song. It’s not about forgiving those who have wronged me, it’s about forgiving myself for forgetting how to love, even when I have been abused and trodden on at times”. Out now on Spotify & Apple Music from Booshu Records.

Tamahau – I Wish – Fire – Icarus EP

Infected Mushroom cover “I Wish” plus the EP title track “Icarus” and the up tempo groove of “Fire”. This act – when they break it’s going to be huge, like the Bob Marley journey, recording gigs, recording gigs, then they break and it’s never stopped. Love the Tamahau vibe. Get on this talent train you guys and girls – be the exceptional tastemakers you are – tell your world. On Spotify & Apple Music now via Odessa Mama from Melbourne.. Rebel musique indeed.

Bouvier & Barona ft Akazi – Snow on the Sahara

Great sounding production on these initial mixes of “Snow On The Sahara” from Anderson ATOZ for Bouvier & Barona ft. Akazi with the Club Edit, Inst Club Edit and the Anderson ATOZ Keys. Out on Jacked Monkey Music via Beatport, Apple Music and Spotify. These mixes will sound awesome on those can’t-wait-to-have-you-all-back club systems as everything opens up again and there will be Snow on the Sahara one day too…

Chris Odd – Single In the Air Tonight

Dutch multi-genre DJ and producer Chris Odd has delivered his record label ToCo more than his fair share of hits and remixes over the years.
This year Chris has taken his productions to a whole new level with the delivery of his latest single, a cover of the Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight”. The single is produced with the able assistance of the talented Australian artist Rizle, who Chris first teamed up with on a couple of remixes last year that cemented their working relationship.

THE SHAMANIC ft Andrea Love – FIRE (UK Mixes)

The #1 house release around the world receives excellent new mixes. Dive in and enjoy, for your sets and shows. Huge recommendation from Kings. Released on Chicago’s Wake Up! Music.

Pepper Gomez of Wake Up! Music announces the release of “Fire”, a Deep House track by The Shamanic featuring Andrea Love on vocals. The Shamanic is the highly anticipated new project comprising of Chicago’s legendary DJ/Grammy nominated Producer, Ralphi Rosario and Composer, Producer, & Multi Instrumentalist, Craig J. Snider. Between the two hitmakers, they have mixed some of the most regaled tracks in the music industry, including songs from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry.