Lab of Music – Reduced

“Reduced” is the debut full album from Swiss artist Lab of Music, filled with progressive, chill out and very melodic Prog House and Deep Progressive House tracks for the mind, body and soul. 10 tracks to choose from with exceptional melodies woven around deep hypnotic beats. For your consideration and on release with Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify via Dance All Day (on behalf of Labofmusic Records)

Lab of Music – Access – 8A – 132 Prog Trance
Lab of Music – Calm – 8A – 124 Lounge House
Lab of Music – Escape – 5B – 128 Deep Progressive House
Lab of Music – Focus – 10A – 116 Deep Progressive House
Lab of Music – In to Deep – 5A – 130 Deep Progressive House
Lab of Music – Outerspace – 3A – 130 Deep Progressive House
Lab of Music – Reduced – 9A – 128 Prog House
Lab of Music – Repeat – 8B – 128 Prog House
Lab of Music – River – 10A – 116 Deep Progressive House
Lab of Music – Tropic – 8A – 116 Chill House

Piero de luliis – Our Christmas Day

Piero De Iuliis and Taylor Brooke Sorita deliver a Christmas song for your shows and the dancefloor over the years ahead too with the release of “Our Christmas Song” across 4 mixes, Extended, Original, Radio Edit and the Unplugged vocal mix. Excellent production from Piero. For your consideration with best wishes for a safe festive holiday from Piero and Taylor. Keep this one, it’s going to be a perennial Christmas player.

Piero De Iuliis – Our Christmas Day (Extended Mix) – 9B – 125 Club Dance
Piero De Iuliis – Our Christmas Day (Original Mix) – 9B – 125 Club Dance
Piero De Iuliis – Our Christmas Day (Radio Edit) – 9B – 125 Club Dance
Piero De Iuliis – Our Christmas Day (Unplugged) – 9B – 125 Pop Vocal

ANI – Living For Today

ANI would like to send her heartfelt THANKS & GRATITUDE to ALL DJs for their positive comments & warm reception of her uplifting track, “LIVING FOR TODAY”!!

Remixes featuring the talents of: DIRTY DISCO, DJ ALAN bd, DJ CHRIS Z and ROBERT EIBACH!! Please enjoy the mixes and ANI and her team wish you the Happiest & Healthiest Holiday Season, with BEST WISHES for a SAFE, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS 2021!!

ANI – Living For Today (Dirty Disco Studio 54 Dub) – 7A – 126 Disco House
ANI – Living For Today (Dirty Disco Mixshow Edit) – 7B – 126 ClubHouse
ANI – Living For Today (DJ ALAN bd Groovy Piano House Mix) – 7A – 123 Disco Club House
ANI – Living For Today (DJ Chris Z Remix) – 6A – 130 ClubHouse
ANI – Living For Today (Robert Eibach Extended Mix) – 7A – 130 Future Club

B-Sights – My Love

B-Sights drops his final track of 2020 ‘My Love’.

B-Sights – a Belgian music composer and producer – has come a long way from playing along to his favorite tracks on the radio with his first synth as a child; taking that early love of music creation and turning it into the talent that he offers today. His first release back in 1995 seems a long time ago, but B-Sights’ persistence and creative aptitudes have ensured that nearly 24 years later, he’s still at the forefront of electronic dance music production. Known internationally as a creator of standout single records – rather than set fillers – he’s kept that reputation at the front of his mind when working on new music. Having already remixed for the likes of Galantis (with 1.5 million Spotify streams), Ultra Nate, and Why Don’t We, 2020 saw B-Sights drop his first 80s-tinged EP ‘Raum / Pretty Faded’, before setting up his space in the spotlight with his latest track ‘Danger’.

Sealing the deal on the year is ‘My Love’. The track truly showcases what B-Sights knows and does best: House music. Think an infectious vocal hook, bouncing and funky synths, for the ultimate no holds barred acid tinged, Disco-House banger straight out of Belgium.

Dirty Disco Feat Brenda Reed – Christmas Wrapping

Those Dirty Disco guys from Houston, Texas put up the Christmas Holly with a collaboration featuring Brenda Reed on a 126 BPM Club Dance delivery of “Christmas Wrapping” across four mixes including their Airplay Edit, Remix, Dub and a Mixshow Edit. Enjoy and all the best for the holidays from Dirty Disco.

Dirty Disco Feat Brenda Reed – Christmas Wrapping (Airplay Edit – 11B – 126 Festive Club Dance
Dirty Disco Feat Brenda Reed – Christmas Wrapping (Dirty Disco Holiday Remix – 11B – 126 Festive Club Dance
Dirty Disco Feat Brenda Reed – Christmas Wrapping (Dirty Disco Holiday Dub – 11B – 126 Festive Club Dance
Dirty Disco Feat Brenda Reed – Christmas Wrapping (Dirty Disco Mixshow Edit – 11B – 126 Festive Club Dance

FERREZ feat. Simone Nijssen – Round And Round

Ferry Timmermans, better known as Ferrez, is a Dutch producer located in Gorinchem (The
Netherlands). Ferrez has been producing for only two years, distinguishing himself because
of his unique and varied sounds. In the 90’s, Ferrez was engaged as a DJ in various clubs in
the Netherlands. At that time, his passion for producing his own music began to grow. Two
years ago, this passion led Ferrez to switching his career path, for which we are grateful

Simone Nijssen
Hailing from the village of Heukelum (The Netherlands), Simone Nijssen is a small-town girl,
with a big voice. At the age of 16, Simone showcased her talents on the national hit
television show, Popstars. Her extraordinary range and ability to captive an audience with a
single note, helped her to secure the runner-up position, marking the beginning of her
professional career.

Simone, now 25 years old, has matured into an industry veteran. Over the course of nine
years, she has honed her craft by working alongside renowned Dutch musical professionals
such as, Jochem Fluitsma, Erik Van Tijn, Roger Happel and Babette Labeij. In addition,
Simone teamed up with Jochen Miller and Armada Music to give the world the hit song,
‘Slow Down’. The song was supported by: Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, and many more!
Over the past few years, she has been working with producers worldwide, including the
talented Dutch producer Ferrez.
Round and round

Ferrez and Simone Nijssen (in collaboration with Aïrto and Tim van Werd) debuted with their
single ‘On my way’, which was supported by Vicent Perquin / Songland The song was so well received that the duo decided to give the world another killer song called ‘Round and round’. This disco song will instantly make you dance. So, what are you waiting for?

ALIA – Victim

‘Victim’ is the follow-up track for ALIA and charted at No.1 on the iTunes Dance Album Charts for 2 days on its release last week. The Sydney based artist hit the #1 spot on the iTunes Dance Charts last month with her electronic symphonic “Only Now”.

‘Victim’, is a dynamic, cutting edge electronic pop masterwork. This new remix EP features a ‘Jackin House’ mix from Romy Black and a ‘Classic House’ mix thanks to Buzz William. Original production by Jonny Sonic (Potbelleez). “It reminds us to be aware of our decisions and accountable for our actions. Things happen for us not to us…. I won’t play the Victim!” – ALIA

Earning the term ‘all-round performer, ALIA is a hard working Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/DJ, she gets her various musical talents from her Chicago born father, bass playing and singing legend, Doug Williams, who has played with Ray Charles, Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder.

ALIA has performed all over Australia at its most iconic music venues as well as on global stages alongside international artists like Craig David and Nelly Furtado. ALIA also once acted in a theatre play with Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe at the Ensemble Theatre.

LUPA J – Obliterate

2020 will forever be the year that hit us all like a freight train and put the world on pause. For LUPA J, it was the year that inspired their greatest writing to date and today they release their final video of the year, Obliterate.

Last month LUPA J released their sophomore album To Breathe Underwater – a collection of pop and techno influenced tracks that became the soundtrack of an introspective journey through COVID, showcasing some of their most vulnerable writing to date. With each single, EP and album cover being self-designed and conceptualised, it’s no surprise that each single from the album has been released with its own striking video. Co-directed by LUPA J alongside Serena Siow Obliterate is an outstanding masterpiece, perfectly accompanying the track which has garnered playlist attention around the world.

“This year was the first time I’ve worked so collaboratively with other filmmakers on so many of my music videos,” tells LUPA J of the process. “Coming from a very DIY background of just going out in public and shooting things on a whim, guerrilla style, working on sets with 10+ person crews has been a huge learning experience for me. After making Limbo and Supermarket Riots with James Chappell, I decided I wanted to have a shot at directing a high concept clip myself with a similar level of ambition. I nutted out the storyline, and then Serena Siow (cinematographer on This Suburb) came on board to co-direct and shoot it for me, bringing a highly talented young crew with her to help bring my vision to life. Having no actual training in film myself, Serena was key to figuring out exactly how to make everything work while looking as beautiful & visually cohesive as possible.”

If you were lucky enough to see LUPA J’s album launch show last year you would have witnessed the brilliance of Discomorph and their in-crowd dance routine to Swallow Me Whole. The dance duo appeared in Supermarket Riots and have returned in Obliterate adding an energy that completely intensifies the clip, using choreography to express the internal battle that erupts after the realisation that a relationship may not be working.

“After working with dance duo Jake & Leilani (AKA Discomorph) on Supermarket Riots, I decided I wanted to base this entire video around a relationship dynamic between them and I, expressed through choreography. Obliterate is a song about recognising unhealthy patterns in your relationships, but not knowing how to help yourself, and part of you still being in denial. I wanted to evolve the clip around a push and pull ‘chase’ dynamic between me and the dancers, with them representing the part of me that is trying to save myself from pain – but I wanted it to be ambiguous as to whether or not they were helping me, as often the road to helping yourself feels most frightening.

Rather than using a specific person, I wanted what I was running after to be somewhat unclear, and to feel ‘unreachable’ – so we used white, ghostly, anonymous costuming to disguise who and what exactly it is I’m searching for. It’s come out feeling very religious cult-ish which was unintentional but definitely very fitting with the sinister vibe of the song!”

Allegra – Do What I Want

UK Pop Artist ALLEGRA follows Up Her #1 Dance Single with the Feel Good Bop, “Do What I Want” Rising UK pop artist Allegra releases her hotly anticipated new single “Do What I Want” on Radikal Records. For your consideration with a recommendation from Kings.

Allegra – Do What I Want (Alex Gaudino & Dyson Kellerman Remix Edit – 5A – 123 Piano House
Allegra – Do What I Want (Alex Gaudino & Dyson Kellerman Ext Remix Inst – 5A – 123 Piano House
Allegra – Do What I Want (Block & Crown Remix Edit – 4A – 120 House
Allegra – Do What I Want (Guz Remix Edit – 6B – 125 Deep Bass House
Allegra – Do What I Want (JAK CITY Dub Mix – 5A – 122 Organ Synth Piano House
Allegra – Do What I Want (JAK CITY Remix Edit – 5A – 122 Organ Synth Piano House
Allegra – Do What I Want (LET US DANCE! Remix Edit – 5B – 122 Pop Dance