LuvBeatz ft Liz Scott – Don’t Give Up

As requested, by you guys, an Extended Mix of this wonderful production from LuvBeatz from the sunshine state of Texas, USA. LuvBeatz are a world-chill, lounge-music production duo, creating their own Dreamwave™ sound with evocative vocals and harmonious melodies that will be played for years ahead . First out is the Bryan Adams song “Don’t Give Up” to inspire, uplift and motivate music fans (well everybody then) to keep their spirits up in these times. On Spotify and Apple Music now…

Apostola – Summertime Is for Dancing

The ultimate, fun summer dance track that is sure to have people dancing at beach bars and clubs, or if restrictions remain… in their gardens and living rooms!

Everyone needs to feel the summer vibe again; to enjoy summer holidays and to just be free to dance, dance, dance. This track sums up the wonderful feeling of letting the music just take you…

A catchy, melodic future summer anthem!

Apostola is a three-times semi finalist in the Unsigned Only and International Songwriting Competitions. Her music is characterized by memorable melodies and a focus on storytelling through lyrics. With tracks on the pop spectrum, Apostola has released songs in a variety of different pop styles, and with diverse topics.

Not For Sale – My Melody

Party, beach, music and love. We want to experience all that again. This song brings together everything a summer hit needs. An unforgettable melody with a french flair gives you the lightness of life back. The producer team behind the song has been successful in the Dance-Charts for years. Feel the magic on their new track “My Melody”. Out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes etc..

Jazzy K – Trap House

In 2019 Australia’s own Jazzy K’s soulful tone and empowering lyrics turned the heads of some of the biggest players in the U.S music industry when she released her debut single and addressed her own bullying experiences in her song titled “You Are”.

Jazzy spent many months in LA honing her skills as a singer and songwriter and after a chance meeting with Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds the Aussie singer landed an incredible opportunity to work with him and his team including, producer Antonio Dixon and guitar maestro, Eric Jackson.

The team spent several days in recording sessions laying down tracks and vocals, Jazzy didn’t fail to impress.

Further recording sessions followed with various industry heavyweights and a major record deal was presented to her, but Jazzy made the bold decision to ‘pass’ on what would have been perceived as an opportunity of a lifetime, her instinct kicked in and lead her to continue on her musical journey down a different path and ultimately the concept for “Trap House” was born.

“I was offered an opportunity that seemed amazing,” she said. “It was looking perfect but something didn’t feel right when I came home from LA, I had to make a decision and as I was reflecting on my journey so far I remember that I promised myself I would always trust my instincts and I would never change who I am for the industry. That’s when the lyrics for ‘Trap House’ started coming.”

Whilst back in LA and performing at an industry showcase, she caught the eye of the legendary multi-Grammy award winning producer, My Guy Mars (J ay-Z, Drake, Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, Drake). The pair hit it off and lead to the creation of her latest R&B pop single, “Trap House” with an important and inspiring message.

Mary.J.OK – I Do It For Me

“I Do It For Me” is the excellent new single by Mary.J.OK, written by Mary J and produced by Scott The Pisces.

Block & Crown are up first on the remixes offering an uplifting house remix built around an anthemic piano riff. The Netherlands based producers are currently top of Beatport’s top 100 and they continue to take over the charts at Traxsource, DJ tunes and Beatport with a US Billboard #1 to their name and releases on some of the world’s biggest dance labels.

Soulshaker have also stepped up to remix this single. With a #1 Billboard Chart Position to their name and dozens of other top 10 chart positions globally, Soulshaker have once again delivered one of their trademark offerings of house music, with a throwback bass riff, perfect for those feel good dance floors.

Journey By A DJ has swiftly become a name to remember by consistently hitting the mark with a number of remixes reaching top ten of the Music Week Charts. JBADJ rounds off the remix package with a chunky, tech house remix for the dancefloors.

KYNT – Show Da Dj Some Luv (Erick Ibiza Remixes)

Featuring globally pleasing big room remixes by Erick Ibiza, the new release by KYNT “Show Da Dj Some Luv”, packs mighty dance music power into its creation with the Extended, Dub and Streaming-Radio versions to choose from for your shows. Erick has really delivered for the popular New Orleans, Louisiana’s Premiere International Dance Recording artist KYNT.

Luca Debonaire – Love Song + Klaas Remix

Luca Debonaire has a history of playing dance classics and started out as a vinyljunkie. He still has the biggest collections of Italo- and Disco Tracks, which he uses as the base for his recent productions. Now he brings that oldschool sound back in Future Disco.

“Love Song” by Luca Debonaire, also comes in the unmistakable style of the globally successful music producer and DJ KLAAS! With almost 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he inspires people and doesn’t let anyone sit still! He reached more than 100 million streams per year.

Maëva Borzakian – Feel The Love

« Feel the love » is the fusion of two french artists meet ,the international singer-composer and songwriter Maeva Borzakian, and Magoo amazing funky singer composer & producer . Joining their talents all together , they made this wonderful soul westcoast ballad infused by the sophisticated and magical keyboards harmonies of Magoo & Maeva who distils her magical captivating soulful voice through this pure love song . Lets yourself move into this new adventure !