Saccoman – Distant Planet (Nomoo Remix)

Ready to take off? The trance classic “Distant Planet” by Saccoman is getting an explosive remix from the talented producer and DJane Nomoo! With fat bass-lines, captivating melodies, and hit potential, this remix is an absolute must-have for all Melodic Techno and Trance lovers.

Nomoo has infused the track with her unique style, taking the sound to a whole new level. Her creative vision and instinct for captivating music make this remix the perfect choice for the mainstage. Feel the energy as the gripping basslines flow through your body and the captivating melody mesmerizes you. Be part of this cosmic journey! Beatport, Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Traxsource, Deezer and Tidal via ZYX Music

Agency – Hate That UR Not Here

Right back in the saddle for 2024, Agency has a new album called THROWBACK inspired by producers from the 90s coming out… and the second single (after the exquisite BABYFACE inspired LOOK) is this hot hot hot tune inspired by PRINCE… and it’s got quite the pedigree. Lead vocalist Derran is actually the son of Morris Day of The Time aka Prince’s sidekick back in the day so you can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree on this funky infectious tune. For your consideration and recommended by Kings, great production. Prince would have been groovin’ to the original mix for sure.

Seventh Stranger – Mindblown ’24

Seventh Stranger offers another gem of a song from their upcoming TURBULENCE album, that would sit perfectly with some of the biggest young artists in the US charts. This one is a new version of a tune from 2016 re-vamped for 2024 and then remixed for the dance-floor by Anticodon’s favorite teammates Temporary Hero, Romeo’s Fault and There Is No One But Me. Traxsource Exclusive this 16 February and available everywhere this 01 March. Check the links below for Anticodon releases on Spotify and Apple Music.

Barbara Tucker presents The BCrew – Promised Land

The amazingly beautiful human-being, Barbara Tucker, presents The BCrew’s latest single paying true homage to Joe Smooth’s 1987 House classic “Promised Land.” Who better to sing us the lyrics of this homage than the Queens of House and Gospel House! We’re talking about extraordinary distinguished vocals, arranged by Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, and Charlotte Small. The ladies chose this song because of its powerful message for the world today. Together they call to unite everyone in love with their amazing harmonies and inspirational vocal unity. Re-produced by Micky More and Andy Tee (Groove Culture) with remixes forthcoming by a few other truly notable remixers, so keep your eyes and ears on alert. In the meantime, dance your souls to the “Promised Land” with these super groovy initial remixes of this classic House tune.

Skye Holland – Just Wanna Dance

The amazing Skye Holland is starting 2024 off impressively with her massive dance song “Just Wanna Dance”. This one features huge piano sections and her up-lifting, provocative vocals. “Just Wanna Dance” follows someone that has finally met a partner that ignites a flame inside of them and just makes them want to dance for the joy of living. Out and streaming now on Beatport, Traxsource, Apple Music plus Spotify.

Dom Bacon – CASSIUS album

“CASSIUS” an album delivering thirteen tracks from multi-talented DJ-Producer Dom Bacon all produced with the new ecotone genre, full of sweeping overlaying melodies and driving progressive house beats, that take the listener on a music rich journey. It’s hard to pick a favorite as that changes with listening. “CASSIUS” is streaming now on Beatport, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify now for your consideration

Talla 2XLC & Lyd14 – Killer Zone

Talla 2XLC and Lyd14 collaborate for the vocal uplifting Trancer Killer Zone on That’s Trance. Both artists are highly successful at the moment in the trance scene and Killer Zone is a skillful production with super solid tight foundation of throbbing drums, pounding driving bass-lines and tough kicks. The vocal shines early on and takes us by the hand towards the incredibly magical atmospheric breakdown. Soaring strings, melancholic piano chords and calming atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment for the infectious vocal performance by Lyd14 that stands-out and shines throughout this magnificent journey of energy and emotional ups and downs. When the enormous bass-lines and bulldozer kick comes in it delivers the perfect climax that is very touching and extra powerful. Killer Zone is a magnificent vocal Trancer by Talla 2XLC and Lyd14 on That’s Trance. On release and streaming now via ZYX on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport, Traxsource, Deezer, Tidal and Youtube Music…

JES – Winter Wonderland

Christmas JES – Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter JES warms up Winter Wonderland with a contemporary version that unifies modern and traditional.

With the holiday season right around the corner, JES is helping fans get in the mood with the announcement of her annual holiday release on Intonenation Records. Having covered many beloved seasonal favorites in the past few years, JES has this year chosen to take on “Winter Wonderland,” an all-time classic, of course bringing her unique vocal talents to the program. The haunting remake brings a new level of depth and romance to a quintessential seasonal favorite.

“I have always loved ‘Winter Wonderland,’ said JES in a statement about the release. ‘Something about the song has always embodied the spirit of the holidays for me. It’s a time when anything feels possible, and this song has a quiet power that always reminds me how important that is. To stay connected and focus on peace, love, unity, and equality at this special time.”

“Winter Wonderland” releases on December 8th and follows JES’s latest release, “Catch Me,” on December 1st, marking the run-up to her new artist album, “Surrender,” scheduled for mid-2024.

Add ‘Winter Wonderland’ to your holiday playlists, and let JES inspire a festive holiday season.

Andy Wood Mitchell – Follow

The first release from the forthcoming album by Andy Wood Mitchell “Gyneth and the Quantum Space Thingy” That accompanies an interactive fitness programme.

It recounts the Story of a member of cos play community on board a space station on a Five year research Tour alleviate the boredom of life within tight confines by creating a space age version of the age old tale of Gawain and the Green Knight to make daily exercise to prevent the atrophy of muscle more interesting.

Gwyneth the main protagonist has to follow a number of different fitness regimes to get through each task to finally compete against the Quantum Space Thing who has challenged her to the ultimate contest where the corporeal meets the world of the very very tiny…

The lyrics of the single are a hymn to all things quantum with the phenomenal production of Ernie McKone from Boogie Back Studios helped along with the talents of Toby Baker on keys, Vanessa Haynes and Janet Ramus on background vocals.