Amai Kuda et Les Bois – Love Song

Toronto-based group and movement, Amai Kuda et Les Bois, share “Love Song” – a fun, modern take on the classic Motown torch ballad. Inspired by a real life ‘tragic romance,’ the song plays up the tropes of the genre while genuinely speaking to the pain and frustration felt when two people love each other but can’t be together. The multiple distinct voices in the arrangement embody different aspects of the self, each responding to the situation with everything from passionate desperation to calm acceptance, but never taking themselves too seriously. In the end, the song even touches on life’s deeper questions, at once declaring the protagonists to be the writers of their fate and the subjects of a predetermined timeline. It packs a surprising punch for a playful love ballad.

Ale Zuber, Alessandro Di Lorenzo ft Francis & Psm Kalash – Rhythm Is A Dancer

The rhythm of summer 2021, internationally, is decidedly urban and this is the groove that Intercool Digital, the label of Paola Peroni, plays in “Rhythm Is A Dancer (Tu Y Yo)”, a decidedly Latin song produced by Ale Zuber and Alessandro Di Lorenzo, two Italian DJs already established in the world for their sound. “Rhythm Is A Dancer (Tu Y Yo)” also contains important features, namely the voices of Francis & Psm Kalash.

“Rhythm Is A Dancer (Tu Y Yo)” is a hot piece: it has an impactful melody, which gives joy and energy and it is a song suitable for both radio programming and clubs. It comes out on Intercool Digital on July 23, 2021. It is a very impressive production … and a piece like this is not born by chance. In fact, it was created by two artists of sure talent, already known in the world as Ale Zuber and Alessandro Di Lorenzo.

Marvinmarvelous ft Soniq – All I Do

Now a new mix as requested by many of you from Los Angeles DJ-Producer Marvinmarvelous who delivers an excellent Afro-House creation of the rerecording of the Stevie Wonder classic “ALL I DO”, again with the silky smooth vocals of Soniq. To many folks “ALL I DO” is one of the very best songs that Stevie recorded, this new 2021 version keeps that spirit alive Marvinmarvelous indeed.

Kessy Mac Queen – Live It Tonight

Get ready for “Live It Tonight” – the latest single from international Pop/Soul sensation Kessy Mac Queen.

In “Live It Tonight” catchy melodies and dreamy lyrics come together to form a wonderful slice of mellow pop which is perfect for this summer’s positive vibes.

Radio stations across all continents are getting ready to play the song as Kessy gears up to release his superb debut album “Dream the Dream” to his loyal fan base, as well as the many people who are yet to discover his stunning voice.

Stacey Jackson ft Snoop Dogg – Live It Up Rebooted

Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur Stacey Jackson launches her record “Live It Up: Rebooted feat. Snoop Dogg”. Having performed the original track in a cameo appearance in comedy film Reboot Camp, starring David Lipper, Keli Price, Eric Roberts, David Koechner, Ja rule and more, the 10-year anniversary of the song is here! With Reboot Camp’s release on June 7th in the UK on all ODTV platforms, the song has found a new wave of listeners to this catchy, upbeat track.

Hatty Keane – Let’s Fly

Channeling a multitude of quality elements from Leon Ware to Californian Soul, Hatty Keane has delivered an essential summer soul song to cruise down Sunset Blvd too on the way to the Pacific Coast Highway out to Malibu with the roof down on the car, the breeze blowing gently whilst the song stirs up the sweet essence of being alive in the moment at one with the beauty of the day. We love love love it on Kings. Bravo Hatty – MORE PLEASE. Hatty Keane – Let’s Fly is out now on BGM Ent via Spotify & Apple Music.

Hatty is gaining attention right across the board. With streaming figures rising steadily more and more people are discovering her talents. Featuring on many Spotify playlists this song adds to the catalogue of impressive releases from Ms Keane over the last 18 months. So far this year we have been treated to fantastic original cuts like the soulful Sing It and disco funk Club 69.As well as mighty covers of the Staple Sisters “I’ll take you there” and the Shirley Brown classic “Woman to Woman”.

Dj Melodie & Yelow – Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a brand new trance release from the superb Intonenation-Axiom label out of Los Angeles, California, already riding high in DJ charts around the world and available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc..

When two creatives join forces during a chance meeting through their shared love of music, anything can happen. Delivering what will surely be one the freshest progressive trance cuts of the year, American-Vietnamese Dj Melodie and Canadian Edwin “Yelow” Tsui have shown that their futures in the electronic music scene are “Crystal Clear.”

Drawing on strong lyrical themes, the track opens up with a catchy bass break which sets the tone for the emotive vocal layers which follow. Dropping into the verse, the intensity level rises and continues to build all the way to the breakdown’s rousing vocal refrain and synth build. As the drop surges in and the theme expands, the track grows, reaching a climax with the return of the inspiring vocal hook.

The song has a universal significance, as DJ Melodie pointed out when asked about the lyrics:

“This track has an important meaning to me. It’s about learning to accept yourself and how that can make your life change for the better. Seeing yourself as you truly are, instead of looking at yourself through illusions and expectations, can bring a real turning point and an opportunity to overcome your fears and doubts.”

Crystal Clear is out on July 9th, through Intonenation Axiom.

Nick Hogan & Don Criminals – Test Drive (Nene Musik)

Don Criminals has teamed up with DJ Nick Hogan to release the big Future House production “Test Drive” on Nene Musik which is already gathering great feedback from DJ’s and influencers worldwide. Great energy across three mixes including the Extended, Original and Radio-Streaming Edit.. Thank you for your support from Nick, Don and Nene Musik. “Test Drive” out now on Neme Musik via Spotify & Apple Music .

Sol Brothers & Marcella Woods – Break Of Dawn (Suitcase At The Door)

When you combine the best components that fuse together perfectly, the end result is often a masterpiece, whether that be an iPhone, Tesla, Ted Lasso or a new recording. The starring cast behind “Break Of Dawn (Suitcase At The Door)” are the Sol Brothers (Andy Galea), the amazing Marcello Woods in the studio, plus Lisa Thorpe and Dan Burner of Flipside Records, who have collectively created the varying elements of this powerful release across three mixes including the Audiohurtz. From the opening driving piano hook to one of the most memorable vocal lines “I’m surprised to see your suitcase at the door. Remember the good times ? Don’t you want some more ? “Yes” comes back the resounding reply “Get us back on the dancefloors.”