Dame Zina – House Of Zina LP

Everything about French duo Dame Zina and Y is artistic and collaborative, including providing STEMs for remixes. House of Zina – For this second album we keep our electronica style, with a house vibe. It starts with 5 new songs and goes one with 10 remixes of our own titles. This album is a step up for us into the night world. We’re exploring music femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. We also don’t take it too seriously. Music is all about perspective, this album is our way of bringing a new point of view on life and dance music.

ET Boys – wyrm (Will You Remember Me)

“wyrm” is the first single after the ET Boys massive drop of their first album, “Forever Night”. The ET Boys ask the eternal question – “What do we mean to one another?” Tacboy states, “I’d say wyrm tells the story of leaving something special in the past, whether good or bad, all that is left should be memories.” Only great memories with everything that is ET Boys as they march on to their next album. Full of life and keeping it real. On the real side of ‘memory matters’.

Penelope – Biconic (Booshu Recs)

BiConic (Mind Electric Remix) is an uplifting disco-powered track on a mission to empower the bisexual community.”BiConic is dedicated to everyone who falls under the Bi+ umbrella, we are people who have historically been disempowered by society, with hardly any representation or validation. But this is starting to change, we are making our voices, our truth and our experiences heard. Here in the Bi+ community we like to say that no matter your degree of attraction to any gender, no matter the gender of the person you are with, you are in the Bi+ family and we see you! As someone who came out later in life, I found the experience liberating but also a little confronting at times. I am proud to be Bi and represent my community but I have had times where I didn’t feel ‘gay enough’ or ‘straight enough’, like I wasn’t in either club and I didn’t know where to stand. So I wrote a song to help people express their love and celebration for who they are and show them that they aren’t alone, that where they are standing is exactly where they should be and we will always find each other.” – PENELOPE

Monster Taxi – A Walking Stranger

“A Walking Stranger” captures a musical journey. All one needs to do is sit back and close your eyes and allow the music to take you to a place of bliss. Every scene is heightened with this dream state musical experience. Whatever chaos in one’s day, can be escaped by the emotional beauty of “A Walking Stranger.” Monster Taxi brings us musical sophistication, that is transforming and allowing us all to step outside of our world, if only for a short time, and experience inner peace and tranquility while providing a path for our own self-discovery.

John Carpenter – The End

Tom Pulse x Weichei Rework – Nomoo Remix – ZYX Edit. Legendary cult movie from the 70s! The 76 original theme music was cool. What became of it in 1983 was awesome. Now the track has got a contemporary look again in Tech House style from Weichei and Tom Pulse are always up to date with their sounds and productions. Peak Time Techno by Nomoo and the Radio Version of The End for your cool music playlist! Remixes that are rocking the dance charts all over Europe.

John Networq (ft. Moonlight Afriqa) – Kilode

John Networq follows up his previous “The Apple That Fell Far EP”, “Hear Word” (ft Captain & Brenny Jones), “With You”, “Blessings” and the “Son Of Merlin” recent releases with his new “Kilode (In Particula)” release featuring Moonlight Afriqa. Oshoma John Coach popularly known with his musical name “John Networq ” is a U.S-Based Nigerian indigenous rapper who expresses himself mostly in Pidgin English. Kilode (In Particula) is out now on all major outlets including Spotify and Apple Music.

Whitney Houston – Don’t Cry For Me – Brian Kent Vs. House Of Frappier Mix

AN anthem for all ages of dance music going right back to the crossing of BC to AC when he would have said, with his arms out wide like Cristo Redentor, “Don’t Cry For Me” please, “Don’t Cry For Me”. “Dance, sing and love each other from the beginning to the end”….

Love love love these mixes from Brian Kent and Leo Frappier. Play at the end of your night and watch their arms stretch out and their tears of joy fill the room with unity… I did it once with another song, the people that were there that night still tell me about it 14 years later. Filled the room with disco smoke, dimmed the lights then let the song take their hearts. “Don’t Cry For Me” can do that for you.