Madison Park – More Than This

Today we have a great new version of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” song with the now released Bossa Nova Mix which Madison Park is super pleased to share with you. In 2006 the much loved Madison Park duo, alongside Lenny B, created an Anthemic Club House mix that was ready-made for the dance-floor, receiving global radio support and remaining in the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart for months, becoming the one of the most-played dance tracks of the year. Madison Park – More Than This (Bossa Nova Mix) is now on release and streaming live on Deezer, Amazon Music, TIDAL, iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Pretty Poison-Jade Starling ft Lee Dagger – A Place in the Sun

Dance floor royalty gathers at the “PLACE IN THE SUN” for Pretty Poison’s Jade Starling and top UK producer DJ Lee Dagger with Luca Debonaire + Mike Ferullo, StoneBridge, Block & Crown, Dark Intensity, the Klubjumpers, Larry Peace, C-Dub, Kue, E39, Joe Gillan and OKJames who all deliver their creations on this brand new release with top class remixes.. Streaming and on release now via Spotify, Apple Music, Traxsource, Juno and Beatport now..

Yvonne Gage – I Feel Love

The amazing and legendary singer YVONNE GAGE releases a brand NEW song “I Feel Love” with a glorious set of remixes from Grammy Awarded winner Maurice Joshua (for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” (Krazy In Luv). With Yvonne’s “I Feel Love” Maurice delivers five creations, the Main Mix, Dub Main, Maurice Joshua Beats, Main Instrumental and the Dub Instrumental running at 123 bpm with a classic House drum track weaving around Yvonne’s glorious vocals.. On release and streaming now through Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify now.

The Gleeman – Marie

Dirty Disco and 7th Heaven take the excellent “Marie” song by The Gleeman on to the dance floor with their remixes including the Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix, Dub plus Airplay Edit alongside the 7th Heaven’s Club Mix, Club Radio Edit and Radio Edit. On release and streaming now via Amazon Music, Apple Music plus Spotify now…

Inner Mind Prods – Monsters In The Groove EP

Hello and welcome to another dope EP from Big D Records.Dropping in on you with the team of Inner Mind Productions as we have a lot of music to look forward to from Inner Mind Productions, let’s get right into it. Out on Beatport, Traxsource plus streaming on Amazon Music and Spotify now.

Track No. 1 – Latin Soul – 8A – 125 Latin House. This little gem right here is for all the house heads, Inner Mind drops a dope Latin Style house jam that is sure to get the dance floor jumping! The track has a bumping drum groove along with some latin style keys, and then a sprinkle of latin style vocals, that will take this cut to the top!! Make Sure to drop this in your Dj bag! If you liked to rate the track you 1-10 too choose…. choose tune!!

Track No. 2 – The Black Leprechaun – Original Mix – 6A – 124 Celtic House. Now we all k now that leprechauns come in all different flavors so don’t get your panties in a bunch, But Inner Mind Prod; Came up with a dope concept of a story, with a perfect house groove!!! We don’t want to give this all away but the story line is cool and you have a slamming drum beat along with dope keys that round out the tune!! This is definitely a must have in your box!! Rate 1-10

Track No. 3 – When I Sing My Song – Original Mix – 12A – 124 House. When I Sing My Song is a wicked groove with a pounding beat that is sure to make you get up dance!! Inner Mind Productions, put their foot in this one, giving you dope beat that is sure to kill the dance floor, then a nice techno sounding sample that has power written all over it ; then a dope snippet of a vocal say ” when i sing my song” This track here has dance and underground mass appeal all over it for the DJ’s. Rate 1-10

Track 4. The Black Leprechaun – Inst Mix – 6A – 124 Celtic House. This is the Instrumental to the original, so you know that means just the beautiful music of the track, a nice track for the DJ who doesn’t need the vocal original mix! We hope you enjoy it. Rate 1-10

North South Project – To Infinity & Beyond

The super artistic German duo, North South Project are back on Tanzgemeinschaft. They are known for blending melodic house and techno with melancholic vocals which is super evident on this upcoming release which Maegrit and Masella remixed one of the tracks each “Beyond Infinity” and “Incomplete” respectively. Once again they showcase their ability to produce as an amazing artistic duo. Melancholic deep melodic techno with rolling beats and soaring synths. On the remixes Masella has an even more melodic approach for ‘Incomplete’ while Maegrit’s take on ‘Beyond Infinity’ has a more techie touch.

The new EP “To Infinity & Beyond” is released on the Antwerp based Tanzgemeinschaft label and out for radio plus Spotify playlist support. The new EP entered the Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno Releases charts at #30 and has climbed to #17 todate.

JD Days – Baby Says

JD Days announce their new single, “Baby Says”, with a solid George Michael lead vocal vibe. I’d go as far as to say that this recording would have been a perfect song for the amazing British star. “Baby Says” includes remixes by #1 Billboard Dance producers, Soulshaker and So Cool Network to accompany the Original Disco Mix. . Soulshaker are up first on remix duties, enhancing the original disco mix of “Baby Says” with their classic house production. So Cool Network follow up with a slightly chunky club remix that also complements the original mix.

Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton – Just Friends

Los Angeles-based Kosta Lois has dropped a new dance/pop song that’s worthy of your attention. “Just Friends” features the talented vocalist and songwriter Jonathan Mouton. Kosta, an award-winning producer, composer, songwriter, and musician has been consistently delivering great music under his Onesta Music Group moniker.

The song’s creation was a collaborative effort between Lois and Mouton. They sat down together in the studio to work on the melodies. Mouton later penned the lyrics which follow the sensual mood of the music. Lyrically the song delves into the age-old question of whether turning a close friendship into something more can be a risky move. A move that could potentially endanger the bond they share. “Just Friends” captures this emotional dilemma brilliantly.

Kosta Lois’ musical journey has been shaped by his upbringing in a musical family with a diverse international background. Not only does he work with rising artists and hit songwriters behind the scenes, but he’s also passionate about expressing himself as an artist through his productions and his own record label, Onesta Music Group. Kosta’s music draws from various influences worldwide, blending contemporary radio-ready pop with a strong artistic essence.

On the other hand, Jonathan Mouton’s roots in music run deep, thanks to his mother, who sang alongside legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. He has been drawn to soul music and the arts since the tender age of 4 and has spent the last two decades passionately pursuing his dreams both as a performer and behind the scenes. Most recently Jonathan created a lot of “Friends” in the media and music in general with his excellent performances on the US version of the hit TV show The Voice.

Rob Boskamp & Rishi Bass – Caxias do Sul

DJ-World is very proud to release Rob Boskamp & Rishi Bass – Caxias Do Sul (Big Boss Records). Lifetime friends with the same music taste, creates a great atmosphere in the studio! Latinhouse joint “Caxias Do Sul” is another fine example of this. Rishi and Rob created another amazing beach-house track for 2023 and beyond. Every floor where Rob Boskamp played the last couple of months was on fire with this percussion driven party-tune. Available on all download and streaming platforms worldwide, On release and streaming now via Traxsource, Apple Music and Spotify now.