GPU – Dominator X

After seizing the throne of dance, Dominator X confronts his greatest challenge: to assert his dominance over Lady Nightshade, the offspring of the Dark Sovereign, the Kingdom’s former ruler. Having brought her to the dance floor, he finally dominates her with a mystical melody known as The Lost Track. This ancient tune holds the power to sway the balance of control within the infernal realms, making it a key weapon in his quest to consolidate power and establish his supremacy over the dark legacies of the techno aristocracy.


Supernova, taken from Yoyohoney’s album, ABSOLUTION, Bitter Symphony’s Gone Black, features lead vocals from Ti and combines Nu-Soul with electronica. It’s released in early 2024 and was written and produced by Emmanuel Shoniwa, aka Mani.S. Previous releases include ‘Groove On’ and ‘Sing Hallelujah’. Being made available on all online stores globally via Horus Music. Top top tune 🙂

Venus In Motion – Sermon of Love ft Cherry Mars

A bass rumbling, synth, string and violin weaving production over a song lyric “Sermon Of Love” expertly sung by Cherry Mars demanding that it is all about love and you’ve got to open up to that, what else are you living for? Venus in Motion – Sermon of Love – featuring Cherry Mars from the album Liberation, out now on Ocata Records on all stores worldwide. The standard set by previous Ocala Releases continues with Angel Johnson steering the remix into a fusion of underground massive vibes of the 90’s with the driving house beats of 2024. A masterclass.

Screamin’ Rachael – Sensation

Chicago legendary label Trax Records unleash a brand new excellent release from Screamin’ Rachael appropriately titled “Sensation” with top remixes from Joe Smooth, Leigh MacNeil, Carmelo Carone, DJ THADX and Zewmob who delivers a glorious Disco Bass House production. Streaming and on release now via Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Traxsource and Beatport amongst the top online stores.

Funk Therapy ft Michael B.Sutton – Old School Party (The Sound OF LA)

From Mike Sutton (Discovered by Stevie Wonder for Motown Records, where he became a legendary hit maker, producer) Michael B. Sutton founded Funk Therapy, a collective group of musicians. “‘Old School Party’ is my comeback anthem, thanks to therapy! Funk Therapy that is! We may all have had some form of Therapy in our lives for one thing or another, yet music is the key to unlock my true self.

With the support of my beautiful wife Anissa Sutton and many others, she knew that music would be the key to heal and is my purpose on this earth. Reviving Souls with that Healing Power of that Old School Music which we call Funk Therapy!

I channeled new energy into recreating the 70’s and 80s Funk-Disco- Soul – RnB – Magic I used to make for legends back in my Motown days.

At Motown, I had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest, Berry Gordy, Hal Davis, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, The Originals, Chuck Brown, Cheryl Lynn, Ray Parker Jr., Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler, Anita Pointer, Switch, and more….

This song isn’t just a tune; it’s a throwback to the authentic ’70s sound we all adore. Think good times, genuine vibes, and the heart of music. It’s my way of inviting you to join the party, dance it out, and relive the joy we all miss!” – Michael B. Sutton

Therapy is a dynamic collective of talented musicians rooted in the West Coast scene, revitalizing the vibrant sounds of old-school funk, disco, and R&B music. Created by Michael B. Sutton, a former staff producer and writer at Motown in the 70s, Funk Therapy is dedicated to bringing forth the essence of timeless musical genres.

Within this musical journey, Funk Therapy boasts a lineup of accomplished artists:
Michael B. Sutton: Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Keyboard
Chris Valentine: Producer, Arranger
Hiroshi Upshur: Keyboard
Josh Sklair: Guitar
James Manning: Bass
Mitchell Coleman Jr: Bass
James Gadson: Drums
Percussion: Timbali Caldwell
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Dom Bacon – Inside Out

The creative genius of Dom Bacon brings a new release to the world with “Inside Out”, a strong musically arranged Ecotone and Progressive House production highlighting his natural instinct for melody weaved into an infectious rhythm. Out on release and streaming now via Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon Music and Spotify.