Keeana Kee ft. Ariana Castelli – GODDESS

These girls deliver every time, taking their GODDESS hit back to the dance floor and radio with a hot set of remixes from Dirty Disco, Dan Thomas, There Is No One But Me, funkjoy, DJ Magix and Frank Zozky. With live performances at Pride in major cities including New York, the girls are dancing their way into a fantastic summer. “GODDESS THE REMIXES” out now on Apple Music plus Spotify today.

The Shamanic – Traces and Spaces EP Volume 1

Ralphi Rosario and Craig J Snider plus guests Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Suzanne Palmer, Patricia Ortega and Simbryt Dortsch contribute to an Extended Play release of the best in 2023 house music across 8 tracks that are simply world class in their creation and production. You lucky people 🙂 Out on release now courtesy of Wake Up! Music LLC and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify for your personal playlists.

Kristine W – By My Side

Kristine W celebrates being honored today by her home City Las Vegas Governor with an official “Kristine W Day” in the state of Nevada for the most live shows ever performed at the Las Vegas Hilton , also returns to the dance floor with a fabulous production and song “By My Side” inspired by the love of Donna Summer. “By My Side” features top remix contributions from Dirty Disco & Matt Consola, James Hurr, John Keenan plus Wilson & Smokin’ Jack Hill. Proudly out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Juno and iTunes.

LION – Not Your Fetish

This is LION, hear him Roar! With a mission to create a revolution. LION’s debut single, ‘Not Your Fetish,’. A main Room, feel from Ruff Loaderz, Future house from Buzz William and Melbourne’s, Pooks, delivers a new tech house spin. Out on all major streaming company’s now including Spotify and Apple Music.

LION has already been compared to ‘Prince’ by some in the music industry. A prolific writer and producer, he is definitely one to watch as he explores his identity in ‘Not Your Fetish’ and creates a space for his listeners to do so as well. He also explains his meaning behind the lyric –

“As minorities and marginalized people, so many of us have narratives written for us by people who see us as two-dimensional. This song is a condemnation of those toxic narratives. We have the power to write our own. stories, and we don’t need to censor or simplify them for anyone. Our stories are messy, complex, nuanced, and we refuse to be reduced to a fetish.” LION

Theatrical and dynamic, this debut single is out now! We love hearing your feedback and we thank you in advance for any support.

NIK:11 – Pillow Talk

Back to invite her global fanbase to the dancefloor for this one, NIK:11 has called upon Grammy-nominated producer Chico Bennett for their mesmerizing collaboration on ‘Pillow Talk’ with remixes from Ruff Loaderz, Robot Batson, Tommy Capretto, Bimbo Jones, Chris Mindel plus Almighty . With Bennett working with world-class icons such as Prince and Lady Gaga, it only made sense for these two artists to join forces for this vibrant single. On release now via Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify amongst all major retailers. Recommended by Kings.

The creation of “Pillow Talk” was inspired by the 1973 release of the 70’s classic R&B track ‘Pillow Talk’, written and performed by Sylvia Robinson, NIK:11 shares: “I fell in love with the story of Sylvia Robinson, because she was sexy and she was a risk taker, when no one else believed in the track “Pillow Talk” she released it herself and performed the track in a way that was liberating, sexually and free.”

Stefano Pain, Andrea Serratore – Free Your Mind

Tribal House. Stefano Pain and Andrea Serratore are back with yet another sensational House track! The energy of the track surges with a phat bassline, an enchanting diva vocal soaring above the beats and a captivating male vocal urging you to “Free Your Mind” This infectious house track will drive your dancefloor ABSOLUTELY MAD, ANOTHER TRACK THAT YOU WILL LOVE FROM THESE BRILLIANT PRODUCERS! Once again, no hype needed for i Am House/ MPG releases just press play! Recommended for all that Love House Music!

maybesoon – Jump

Electro-Pop Duo maybesoon leaps forward with new single “Jump”. In a fusion of sound and color, the avant-garde electro-pop duo maybesoon is captivating the musical world with the release of their deeply evocative new single, “Jump”. This highly anticipated track is now available across all major streaming platforms.

The Bumjackers – Straight People

The Bumjackers are back with their cheeky new single STRAIGHT PEOPLE. A straight up banger popular in queer venues because it says what a majority of the queer community is thinking. There is also a Dub Version for breeder DJs who play in straight clubs too! Pump it nice and hard and send that message out loud and clear and watch hands in the air and faces smiling to the hook “Straight People Why the fuck are you in this fucking club”. Streaming on Apple Music and Spotify now.

Rod Carrillo & David Sosa – Just A Little While

Rod Carrillo and David Sosa deliver a great production and song with “Just A Little While” that reminds one of the huge stream of 80’s classic club hits that filled dance floors and radio shows in the US plus around the world, especially soulful dance crazy Europe. Excellent mixes from Dany Cohiba, Peter Brown, Soleil Carrillo and the original club/radio mixes.