Allegra – Round & Round (Top Remixes)

London’s very own pop sensation, Allegra, releases her latest club hit of empowerment, ‘Round & Round’ in collaboration with Tiësto. With a catalogue that has already amassed well over 4.5 million Spotify streams, ‘Round & Round’ is the latest trailblazer in Allegra’s powerful arsenal. This breakup anthem for the ages is a testament to her self-worth, she knows it, and she knows you do too.

Produced by Tim Gosden and co-written with Allegra & Tristan Henry, ‘Round & Round’ has a complete remix package to accompany the single, with a special remix by Tiësto. Beatport #1 Block & Crown is up first on the remixes, followed by Music Week chart top 10 remixer Journey By A DJ. Thoby & Lynx team up on a remix for the MainStage dance floors, while Ruff Loaderz deliver a piano house remix and RXXAN rounds off the package with a Drum & Bass remix.

JES – Heartbreaker

From JES “It’s more on the progressive side!” They say it’s better to have loved and lost than ever to have loved at all. JES, steps into new territory to unpack this idea with her Progressive House gem, Heartbreaker. Easily identifiable as her voice is, JES exudes a new attitude, mixing pain and exhilaration as the track brings us firmly into the groove and holds us there. Memorable synth hooks and pulsating bass lines drive the beat with an underground flare, and the punchy arrangement will ignite dance floors and playlists alike. When asked about the lyrics, JES displayed her natural optimism: ‘I am always looking for a silver lining! The heart is a powerful thing, and I’m constantly amazed by how resilient it can be. Sometimes what seems like heartbreak at the outset can be just what you need to get yourself back on track.’

No Matter how bad a heartbreak may seem, life goes on, and the beat never stops. The love you once knew has made way for something new. Anything is possible, so click play on Heartbreaker and say goodbye to the blues and hello to your silver lining!

Dom Bacon – Cassius ft Simon Prince

IBIZA IS ALIVE & BEATING IT’S DANCE MUSIC HEART – Imagine it’s 7am and the sun is introducing its beams of new day light through the windows of the club to a packed glowing dancefloor who’ve been up all night and it’s time to send them home smiling, so you reach for “CASSIUS” knowing that it’s musical journey is going to send their ecstasy filled souls into a higher realm so they’ll always want to relive this moment again. Even when they are years past their dancefloor days, shopping in a supermarket when the store music system starts playing “CASSIUS” and they’re away dancing in the store aisle, their partner, bewilderedly smiling at the sudden change in mood of a normally ‘supermarket shopping sucks’ moment that also will be remembered and laughed about many times later.

Recall those times you’ve heard Robert Miles “Children” again and thought ‘ah them days!”. “CASSIUS” is that. Such poetry in melody and rhythm. It has been a while since that same vibration was presented to the dancefloors. WAV included for full quality sound system cherish-osity.. (yes I made up that last word, but you can have it too – try it “CASSIUS is pure cherish-osity”

Dirty Disco & Tina Turner – The Best – We Don’t Need Another Hero

The week cannot finish without a Dirty Disco and Kings tribute to the Queen of dancing on stage Tina Turner, who graced our lives with her powerhouse vocals and performances. It’s raining as I write this and thundering too as if the heavens are being serenaded with a rendition of River Deep, Mountain High from up there by her. I have her vocalized Buddhist Mantra playing right now too. (in the video link) it feels as if some energy is aligning right at this moment.

Hope you enjoy what Mark and Dirty Disco have created with “The Best” plus “We Don’t Need Another Hero”. What a feminine force of human nature who touched billions of souls with her songs in her time on earth. Always smiling and giving everything in her performance. Anna Mae Bullock, she blew our collective minds, we’ll never see the like of her spirit again.

James Chris – Summer Again

James Chris turns the summer on with the gloriously infectious melodies running through his new release on CuffLink Records. Yes SUMMER AGAIN, with liberation and festivals all over the globe filling up with music fans ecstatic to be out together on mass with the madness of the previous few years way back in the rear-view mirror, the sun shining so bright we gotta wear shades, the joy of being alive and getting laid (oops did I say that 🙂 Play the tune you’ll get the vibe.. Released June 1st on all major outlets.

Elsa Li Jones – iN My hEaD

Elsa Li Jones, the celebrated singer-songwriter and producer from Gothenburg , Sweden releases her latest song “iN My hEaD”. Elsa says – “This is my story, my artistic expression of what it’s like to live with Bipolar Disorder. A journey from the peak of euphoria to the abyss filled with anxiety and depression. It’s like painting a picture and putting it on display. I painted the painting because I was inspired and had a story to tell. If this painting can comfort/inspire/delight You who listen to my art, it would be an honor for me. I’m not alone, as millions of people around the world are literally drowning in front of our eyes with many different kinds of personal conditions.

This is why I’m releasing “Songs from a Bipolar Mind” to ‘help’ sow a seed for a better understanding of the daily help that people, especially the young, need because music reaches our heart’s, a place where all good intentions start from, with love. The first song from this album is In My Head.

Greg Gould – Marching On

Fresh off his powerful Pride Cup halftime performance at AAMI Park Stadium and full of pride for his LGBTQI community, Greg Gould delivers this incredible track, ‘Marching On,’ featuring his angelic harmonies and emotionally charged vocals. The release wouldn’t be complete without world-class remixes from Grammy award winning dance music icon Dave Aude and local legends Mind Electric, BoogieKnights, Buzz William, and Disko Kats. Dave Audé holds the record for the most US number 1’s on the Billboard dance chart. Dave has added his stellar production to Greg Gould’s powerful anthem ‘Marching On’. Streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify..

Taz Vegas – Am I Dreaming (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remixes)

The Texan turntable titans, Dirty Disco, sizzle-up the global dancefloors for Taz Vegas with their remix of “Am I Dreaming” covering a main mix, dub mix, mixshow version and a radio-streaming edit. Released on the RSM Record label, you can find “Am I Dreaming” on i-Tunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and wherever good music is sold and distributed