JeeCee ft. Brian – Save a Prayer

Dutch producer / DJ JeeCee releases his melodic pre-summer tune ‘Save A Prayer’. Holiday comes around the corner with this track, sun on your skin and sand underneath your feet. That’s the feeling you get when playing this laidback cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Save A Prayer’. The velvet soft soul voice of Brian gives this tune a touch of gold. Recommended by Kings, out on Spotify & Apple Music now from Freeway Recordings.

DJ Georgie Porgie – Its All You Need

DJ Georgie Porgie is on FIRE! If you are feeling a little down or the worries of the world are sapping your energy – just drop this track and feel the air of positivity fill you up to your happy self again! Georgie always delivers House music with ‘that’ FEELING! Your crowd will absolutely Love Love Love this new release! No hype needed for iAmHouse releases…just press play! Recommended for all that Love House Music!

Dan-E-MC & Master Freez – Numero 1

Dan-E-Mc is the founder of House Machine in Italy, but his artistic name comes from his beginning as DJ and MC in the Hip-Hop scene in Geneva. Master Freez is the legendary Italian rapper that was born in Geneva, like Dan-E-Mc. This old skool amazing and powerful Soul-Funk & Rap song is the 2nd they are doing together after “Stupid Cupid” (Molto recordings-Universal Music), and it is called “Numero 1” (Molto recordings), based on the real friendship theme, and rapped in 3 languages (English-Italian-French), with movie set for the videoclip at Geneva, Switzerland (where they were both born), Rimini, Italy (where Master Freez lives) and San Pellegrino Terme, Italy (worldwide famous for its sparkling mineral water recognized and drunk all over the world, where Dan-E-Mc lives)…

The return of these 2 artists of the Italian black music scene. The true meaning of the real friendship in a soul-funk & rap song. With Italian migration included.

Keeana Kee ft. Ariana Castelli – GODDESS

Keeana Kee ft. Ariana Castelli teamed up to deliver an amazing production with a huge HOOK chorus that will reverberate off the dancefloor, enter the public domain for every broken love affair and slight of character in the world of social media. The best pick-up-your-friend line. Out today on Spotify & Apple. Get behind this GODDESS and make it as one that you broke 🙂

Agency – Hurt (Remixes)

Agency is quite quite honored to have worked again with Spain’s ‘Ladies on Mars’ after coming off his amazing Donna Summer remix package and recent rework of their own cover of the Jody Watley song “Don’t You Want Me”, which is still filling dance floors. Here the those Ladies put an exquisite spin on Agency’s delicious original R&B gem “HURT” from their MAD(LOVE) album and this one deserves your attention. The package of mixes is rounded out with a great variety of creations from Temporary Hero, Romeo’s Fault and Agency’s own remixes. Out on Apple & Spotify June 17th

Imani – Become

The AMAZING Auntie IMANI with millions of followers delivers an Incredible Song to her mantra “Become!” After Georgie saw her on Tik Tok, he immediately reached out on one of her lives and offered her a deal !!! She accepted and they started to record a song destined to become Anthemic for the Decades!!! Her phenomenal vocal performance lifts the record beyond words !!!

AUNTIE CAN SING !!! Georgie delivers us 2 Incredible House Mixes along with a Jackin House Dub that is FIRE !! Stefano Pain and Francesco Pittaluga deliver a House remix that is going to take the roof off of your club!!! Drop it for your crowd and watch the hands soar to the sky!!! The mixes are beyond words! ALL PEAK HOUR! Again no hype needed just press play! Straight FIRE!!! – Recommended for all that Love House Music !

Paola Peroni Feat Gianni Alberti – Etniko

Longing for summer, rhythm, harmony and sax. A mix of energy that purifies soul and mind. The brand of Paola Peroni accompanied by the Sax of the maestro Gianni Alberti creates a unique atmosphere: you too can experience it by listening to it and closing your eyes. You will find yourself fully immersed in a fantastic world where there are no wars but only peace and love and mercy. Two mixes including the ‘Sestino Beach Aperitif Mix’, which reflects the atmosphere of Sunday evening in Desenzano on the shores of Lake Garda, Paola DJs every Sunday evening in the splendid garden of Sestino Beach. The second ‘Eivissa Sunset Mix ‘ is to imagine or relive the mood of the infamous ‘white island’ Ibiza and all its temperatures of passion.

Mike Izon – Summer Days Are Here Again – Remixes

The talented Mike Izon (“Purple Haze,” “Brown Sugar Girl”) returns with Pete Hammond (Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Bananarama) remixes of Hawaii’s island hit, “Summer Days Are Here Again”, a song that lifts the spirits of the party back to the pre-pandemic days when life flowed with opportunities to have a good time just living. Released on the RSM Record label, you can find “Summer Days Are Here Again” by Mike Izon on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora plus wherever music is sold and distributed! Please share, party, surf, stream and tube. Aloha!

Yellow Pearl – Without Your Love

Dutch master Emiel, (Yellow Pearl) has delivered a superb release here with his emotional song about being on the edge of a break-up, “Without Your Love”, across three styles of music, the superbly produced Club Dance/Trance from Ibiza created by Yence505, the VINS Rhythm Reggaeton remix plus the original version with it’s pop lounge vibration. A truly international creation recorded in France and the Netherlands and mixed in Los Angeles by Kevin Anyaeji (Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, Akon, The Script). The record is produced by Yellow Pearl, Hookmeister & Noah Jaora. With guest roles for accordionist Juul Beerda, percussionist Jelle de Kroon by Mi Dushi and Hannes van Gehannes. Out on Spotify & Apple Music now via Horus Music.