Andy Wood Mitchell – The Horticulturalist

“The Horticulturalist”, the third single from the album Merlin’s Bones, features clips in the video from the makeshift light hearted thriller of the same name as the single that accompanies the album currently residing on Youtube, Spotify & Apple Music.

What connects the victims of this comically named killer and some strange Qanon-like organisation that is obsessed with the origins of Merlin? The lead character, Art Lawson played by Michael Roy Andrew, aims to uncover the mystery.

Featuring Andy Smith on guitar, Ernie Mckone on bass and Janet Remus and Sara Jane Skeete on background vocals with Andy doing whatever he does so well on keys and lead vocals. “The Horticulturalist” out of Spotify and Apple Music now.

Ray Guell ft Tito Puente Jr – If There Is Love

Ray Guell and Tito Puente Jr plus Giuseppe D & Tony Moran on production deliver a song that asks the most important in these difficult times “IF THERE IS LOVE”. If there is real love we as a species can gather together to help each other. Please find a mix in the selection to support this release, which should be easy as the guys have all stepped and delivered for you. A superb release that we are delighted to present to you all. Out on Spotify & Apple Music now.

Mario Ferrini – La Promesse album

“La Promesse” Great new album release by Mario Ferrini. Italian-Swiss artist and DJ Mario Ferrini releases his new album “La Promesse” on 26 August. Supported by the single “Light in You”, this album guarantees us pure moments of bliss for our evenings with friends thanks to the compositions coming from the composer’s colourful and optimistic universe, which also extends summer and its good vibrations for several more months.

We’ve been listening to Mario Ferrini on the radio and in the clubs for years. We danced to his first album “You First” released in 2016 and we enjoyed a cocktail to the sound of “Light in You”. With over 400,000 streams (Spotify) under his belt, if you didn’t know his name yet, your ears should recognise his sounds.

RYKHO – Something’s Going On

RYKHO returns to the clubs with his new single “Something’s Going On” this time teaming up with chart topping Dance legend Ruff Loaderz. This single is a product showcasing the synergies of the classic Ruff Loaderz uplifting House sound, the catchy melodies of Billboard chart topper Soulshaker, and RYKHO’s signature vocals to bring about a massive dance floor banger for summer 2022. “Something’s Going On” with Ruff Loaderz represents another giant leap forward in RYKHO’s sound with incredible remixes by #1 Billboard dance producers Soulshaker, and Journey by a DJ solidifying the package as a “must play” in the clubs as this year’s summer smash!. Soulshaker offer an uplifting piano house remix for those feel good moments on the dance floor, and Journey By A DJ delivers a tougher remix blended with their signature quirk, making this a standout bomb for the tech house lovers.

Fluid Dynamic X Pepper Gomez – SuperFreakMe

SuperFreakMe is a Rick James inspired and Nu House Nu Pop collaboration between Scottish DJ Producer Fluid Dynamic and House vocalist, Pepper Gomez. The track was born from friendship and the love of music that makes you want to move. Pepper fondly calls this a follow-up to “Electric Baile”, the early House Music track she sang on in the mid-1980s which not only hit the Billboard radio charts but continues to stream, gets spins from DJs, and is heard in the dance clubs. Boasting a whopping nine mixes by Fluid Dynamic, this one is especially dedicated to the DJs, dancers and nu music listeners. Out on Spotify & Apple Music now.

BabyGirl – Baby Girl

Master of the abstract [a]pendics.shuffle AKA Kenneth J Gibson, AKA Reverse Commuter, takes his full vocal journey into a mysterious world of psychedelic deep house. Soothing soundscapes of delicate background vocals wash over the tasteful bleepy melody, highlighted with techno chord stabs and trippy delays, supported by the coolest house groove this side of the Paradise Garage! BabyGirl’s lead vocal soars beautifully through the verses telling the story of love lost and hits you with a chorus hook that sends the track into hyperspace.