Seventh Stranger – We All Fall Down

SEVENTH STRANGER have just finished a reissue of the experimental LoveDrone. Presenting its ReMixed package, which is already into its journey for a new album rollout, starting with these strong “WE ALL FALL DOWN” mixes from Temporary Hero, Romeo’s Fault included in the set. PLEASE NOTE THE CLEAN & EXPLICIT options. Available now and streaming on Spotify plus Apple Music.


SASHA ANNE follows up her recently hot release “This Is Your Night” with a brand new song “SCARS” on Tazmania Records featuring a host of top name remixes by Stonebridge, Block & Crown, Dark Intensity, the Klubjumpers, Larry Peace, Lee Dagger, Liam Keegan, Tom Colotonio, Jose Jimenez and E39 plus the Original. Out now on Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. Radio mixes to follow next week…

Pure Persuasion Project – Talk to Someone

“Talk to Someone” is the follow up track to the iconic original Pure Persuasion track which bears the name of the group: Pure Persuasion Project. Ms. Rhonda Shaw delivers a soulful diva-like performance as the lead vocalist. Damion Willis adds male vocals to support the track. At the end of the maxi-single medley “Pure Persuasion/Remember”, Mr. Slick provides a great rap outro, opening up about his personal story and loss of his father due to suicide. He even provides some action items for those struggling to “talk to someone” and tell them “things are not ok.” It helps validate even the smallest of troubles.

“Talk To Someone” is the follow up single in the Pure Persuasion Project’s debut EP continuing the story of hope by encouraging listeners to reach out and speak up whenever they are troubled. Southern California-based, Pure Persuasion Project, create inspirational and uplifting “Talk To Someone)” to remind us of our gift of life when we are troubled and reach out to someone… the message brings awareness to mental health.

Miss Autumn Leaves – No Turning Back

Miss Autumn Leaves, aka Ebby Drenthe, Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer/ MC, is a great charismatic singer with a warm, beautiful and strong voice. She sings different styles of music. From Soulful House, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Pop, R&B. You name it and she sings it. You can hear Miss Autumn Leaves’ Gospel influences through her singing, full of faith, love, joy and power.

Throughout her singing career she has sung for great artists and famous names, such as Gloria Estefan, Madeline Bell, Debby Sledge, Chris Jones, Grace Jones, Meredith Brooks, Gordon, Dana Winner, at the wedding of Ruud Gullit, Paul Haarhuis, Alex Blanchard, Kim Burrell, Antonie Kamerling, and many more. At the moment Miss Autumn Leaves is working with some of the best DJ’s / Producers from the USA, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium. 2023 finds Miss Autumn Leaves working with producer Rogier van der Meer, aka Rogier Dulac, with whom she has released her latest tracks. You can find her music and samples on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.

Bad Space Monkey & Agency – Man Enough

Bad Space Monkey teams up with Agency on this absolutely amazing track featured on the album A HOUSE SUPREME 2. Bad Space Monkey is no stranger to Agency having remixed tunes for the act since its inception and this collaboration finds the team in fine form together. Anticodon must be proud! Temporary Hero provides a rhythmic disco mix complete with brass! to complete the set. On release with Traxsource plus streaming on Apple Music and Spotify..

Talla 2XLC & Alpha Breed – Missing Link

Technoclub Retro turn your requests into reality and resurrects the ultimate epic uplifting trance hymn Missing Link firstly released on Deal records produced by the Dutch mastermind Ralph Barendse. Of course on the same label the equally adored anthem Epic Future by Alpha Breed was remixed successfully by Talla 2XLC. For Missing Link Talla2XLC and Alpha Breed join forces to rework and update the track for the sound systems of 2023. The new version stays faithful to the original with psy-tech basslines, thumping drums, solid beats and long pleasurable breakdown allowing the full flavor of the original melody to come to the surface. The crescendo section is full on and headbanging so goosebumps and shivers from head to toe are guaranteed. Time to fall in love after 23 years with Missing Link once again reworked by Talla 2XLC & Alpha Breed on Technoclub Retro. Out now on Beatport, Traxsource, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify

Disco Pirates – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Those Poptastic Disco Pirates have their eyes on the holiday-makers dance floors of Europe this summer with their remake of “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” which was originally a worldwide hit for Brian Hyland when first released in June 1960, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and selling over a million copies in the US. The Disco Pirates version has also been adapted into German as “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-Strand-Bikini” with a vocal from Caterina Valente, alongside their English language version. Streaming on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify now…

Thexele – Music From The Soul (Thexele Music)

The main goal of Thexele’s music in general and in this exact album is to give aesthetic pleasure in the individual rethinking of each listener. Simply put, this is music from the soul and for the soul.

“I started producing music for this album and publishing individual tracks on Soundcloud (unofficially) about seven years ago. And by the way, most of the compositions fell on the period of my pregnancy. It was one of the most inspiring and beautiful periods of my life. Through creativity, I always wanted to share something very important with the world, to create a mood, but most importantly, this music came from the heart. Therefore, the name of the album perfectly reflects its essence.”

This album mostly includes instrumental compositions, which were created earlier, and a few songs. All the music in this album has been rethought and improved by the author these days. Some tracks have acquired a completely new sound, due to the singer’s vocals and choral vocalizations.

This self-produced album was created to give the listener a new spiritual and emotional experience. Immerse him in the world of dreams and relaxation, and sometimes bring him into a state of deep sadness and even the cry of the soul. It mixes old and new, living, and artificial, light and heavy, light and dark. In a sense, the album is about life itself. All the tracks have interesting catchy melodies and are easy to remember. Some tracks have a meditative effect and can give you moments of peace of mind and take you to a magical world, while others have a shade of dramatist.

Andy & the BigFunk – Absent Friend

The new release from Andy & the BigFunk featuring Susan Allotey, Andrea Bedassie and John Falcini, is a deeply heartfelt and poignantly penned song reflecting on the friendship and connection with former band member, Wayne Nunes, an acclaimed bassist who sadly passed away in 2021. The song itself, “Absent Friend” is very reminiscent of two early 80s soul classics, Michael Wycoff “Looking Up to You”, Howard Johnson “Keepin’ Love New”, such is its quality of musicianship, vocal and production. Also included is the band’s superb cover of the Bill Withers golden classic “Use Me”, being released as an album too from the Big Funkers. A gre at album that includes Andy & the BigFunk amazing covers of songs from Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Teddy Pendergrass.