Eva No – Stainless Steel EP

Eva No’s latest EP, “Stainless Steel,” is an exciting example of modern music production, boasting a level of crispness and mix clarity that adds definition to the songs. The EP melds synth textures and other electronic elements with great melodies, skillfully blurring the lines between various musical influences. Each of the five tracks is a mesmerizing blend of hooks and intricate layers of electronica, making “Stainless Steel” a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh and immersive twist. The self-titled opener immediately sets the mood with a driven, yet hypnotic tone. The sound is quite diverse, featuring elements of dance, but also pop and even shades of reggae on one of the songs, “Bring Me Flowers.” Although it only features five songs, this release stands out as an example of the artist’s wide, creative range, and ability to branch out.

Stacey Jackson – Soldier (Original and Remixes)

The original and full remixes of Stacey Jackson’s powerfully uplifting song “Soldier”. “Stacey Jackson wants you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Is this the life I want? Is this the life I always imagined for myself? Am I myself?” There is a soldier, a warrior in every single one of us, but only courage can set you free. Live the life you deserve.” — Music News

Stacey’s most current records have received over 30 award nominations & wins, including the prestigious Vegas Movie Awards, Rome Music Festival Awards and Toronto International Women Film Festival. Remixes from The Shamanic, Ruff Loaderz, Ziggy, Mark Oliveira plus the original, which we at Kings feel is a very strong production in its own right too. Streaming on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify now.

We Will – Born to be Alive feat Darren

It’s time to fill the dance floor and bring the mood to a new high. We Will has revisited the classic “Born to be Alive” from the 70s and calls for collective dancing with his rousing song to fill the world with the joy of being alive to music. Our first universal language. Streaming and on release now via Deezer, TIDAL, Juno Download, Anghami, YouTube Music, Napster, Apple Music, Amazon Music plus Spotify.

Beks – We Don’t Need Another Hero

Inspired by her late idol, Tina Turner, Beks performs her reimagined dance cover of ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’. delivering an absolute smash in the form of Tina Turner’s hit, ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero.’ Respectfully performed and co-produced by Beks. The iconic guitar line is still front and centre, with some beautiful melodic shifts in the vocal delivery that take this version, Beyond ThunderDome.. Buzz William has brought the cool kid vibe with a Trance remix. Please enjoy your exclusive download. This remix won’t be released until September 17.. The Extended Mix and Radio Edit are out now plus streaming for Booshu Records via Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify now.

DJ Rocky B – Senegal

DJ Rocky B + Afro House Track= Massive Dance Floor HIT! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NEW RELEASE FROM DJ ROCKY B! Who follows her recent and superb releases De Columbia, Congo Deep and Para Ustedes with this delicious vibe of Afro House bouncing on the inspiration of Senegal. As always, no hype needed for i Am House/ MPG releases…just press play! Recommended for all that Love House Music!

K-Syran – Sunny (Neon Wolf Remix)

K-Syran brings a fresh and vibrant twist to Boney M’s iconic track “Sunny” with her organ piano house mix. This energetic rendition infuses the song with infectious dance beats and K-Syran’s soulful vocals, creating a feel-good anthem perfect for the dancefloors. Get ready to groove and bask in the warmth of “Sunny” as K-Syran’s dynamic interpretation breathes new life into this timeless classic. Out now, plus streaming, on Apple Music and Spotify.