Stacey Jackson – Soldier (Original and Remixes)

The original and full remixes of Stacey Jackson’s powerfully uplifting song “Soldier”. “Stacey Jackson wants you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Is this the life I want? Is this the life I always imagined for myself? Am I myself?” There is a soldier, a warrior in every single one of us, but only courage can set you free. Live the life you deserve.” — Music News

Stacey’s most current records have received over 30 award nominations & wins, including the prestigious Vegas Movie Awards, Rome Music Festival Awards and Toronto International Women Film Festival. Remixes from The Shamanic, Ruff Loaderz, Ziggy, Mark Oliveira plus the original, which we at Kings feel is a very strong production in its own right too. Streaming on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify now.

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