Dan-E-MC – Musica House

The legendary American DJ, producer and remixer EDDIE AMADOR, worldwide known thanks to his iconic song “HOUSE MUSIC” as well as numerous remixes of pop stars such as Madonna, Michael Bublé, Donna Summer, gives his magic touch to the song “Musica House” new recording effort by DAN-E-MC. The remixes package, which contains 3 versions of Eddie, is completed with the versions of STONE WILLIS, ROBERTO ALBINI, in addition to the ORIGINAL EDIT and the useful ACAPELLA. It’s up to you the choice to “PLAY” your favourite mix in your “HOUSE”!!

Naomi Suzuki & James Taylor Quartet – Shine A Light

NAOMI SUZUKI UNITES WITH THE JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET FOR RADIANT NEW SINGLE: “Shine The Light”. Percussive Jazz Club House – Club House. Wavs & MP3s. Prepare to be dazzled again with the release of Naomi Suzuki’s latest single, Shine A Light, featuring the James Taylor Quartet. The new track, which is available to listen to now showcases her remarkable vocal prowess alongside JTO’s infectious acid-jazz rhythms and is sure to get you moving and grooving! Also this club mix is off the charts with its funk vibes and killer grooves promising to out a fresh song on the original tracks acid jazz sound. Out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Born in Tarawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Naomi Suzuki is a UK based Japanese entertainer and world- class performer Her remarkable versatility songs a variety of domains within the entertainment industry displaying her talents as an actress as Tim, a charismatic performer and stage presenter, and a captivating singer delivering music performance’s that resonate deeply with her audience.

Undertone – Broken Record

Producer Undertone artist/producer Undertone is back with another quality release, releasing his latest single, “Broken Record,” hot on the heels of his most recent hits, “Rolling Circus,” “Atmosphere Analog,” and “Pomodoro.” In this release, Undertone showcases a fresh wave of creativity, inviting listeners into a world of infectious beats and an uplifting message that resonates deep within. Originally conceptualized as “Rollover,” the track underwent a transformative journey, culminating in the masterpiece that is “Broken Record.” Streaming on Apple Music now…

What sets “Broken Record” apart is its fusion of soulful R&B vocals seamlessly integrated into the composition. Undertone’s meticulous attention to detail shines through as he curates a sound palette that marries vintage elements-a classic electric piano reminiscent of 70s and 80s R&B-with contemporary EDM flair. The result is a dynamic fusion of mellow vibes and irresistible rhythms, creating a laid-back house atmosphere that is both catchy and fast-paced.

Despite its challenges, including intricate musical details such as the incorporation of a D# note in the third chord of the Gmin key, “Broken Record” stands as a testament to Undertone’s dedication to his craft. With twelve revisions and meticulous adjustments to elements like kick layers and bass sound, the track finally gelled into its polished form.

The addition of prime vocals, carefully sourced and arranged, adds depth and dimension to “Broken Record.” The balance struck between the original male vocals, with its exaggerated dedication to love, and the female vocal lyrics, introducing a message of carefulness, elevates the track to new heights.

From the impactful horns in the Bridge to the experimentation with open and closed hat sounds, every element of “Broken Record” has been finely tuned to perfection. The result? An upbeat track that could fill up any dance floor as well as make peak-hour traffic a bit more bearable.

“Broken Record” is poised to make waves this summer from beach to beach, radio to radio to the dance-floor.

For more information on Undertone and to stay updated on his latest releases, follow @undertoning on Instagram and stream his music on all platforms.

Talla 2XLC & Junk Project – Skyfall

Talla 2XLC is a true global player who has performances lately on EDC Mexico, EDC Las Vegas, Dreamstate, ADE amongst many others. His original tracks and lately reworks of trance classics have been praised and supported by top artists including Armin van Buuren, reaching millions of streams worldwide. Now on his own imprint That’s Trance collaborates with his close friends Junk Project aka Andreas Krämer and SLT for the ultimate tech trance meets old school hard trance hymn called Skyfall.

After the success of their previous collaborations Pull and Black Sky, their next future trance anthem is an emotionally charged nostalgic track, with energetic dark pounding basslines, rough and moody kicks, body shaking drums and unstoppable amounts of adrenaline and bass power, leading to the melodic break, full of etherial choral female voices, warm melodies and cinematic atmosphere that highlight the darkness and depth of the strong haunting male vocal. The massive synths are earthshaking and will deliver tremendous amounts of audience excitement.

The well needed seconds of silence followed by heavy beats, acid overtones and tough basslines with the addition of the strong understated synthy stabs will uplift the listener to the ultimate climax. It’s one of those tracks that target the mainstage of any trance festival promising to create dark chilling atmosphere combined with heavy bass and sharp kick while on top the industrial style synthy line will raise the hair from your back, driving you insane. When Talla 2xlc meets Junk Project in the studio the surprising result is mega-massive tracks like Skyfall that is out now on That’s Trance.

NOAH featuring Eday – Come Together

To me the perfect combination of two elements for a dance floor is great music and the vibration of erotica which has been a kind of foreplay since the tribes of Africa danced away the night around their fires.

Many classic tracks come to mind including those listed below and now we can add NOAH’s pulsating and sensual “Come Together” featuring Eday to that legendary list of turning your dance floor on. “Come Together” is a super hot and sexy club ready single recreated from it’s original recording from 1994.”

Featuring a perfect remix by close DJ/collaborator/producer Erik Elias (The Eagle). Steaming and streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify now on Icon Worldwide Music.

Vanessa Ellen – Can’t Remember

A soulful vocal from newcomer, Vanessa Ellen. Teaming up with ARIA Chart topper, Mind Electric. What’s not to love with the wonderful vocals from Vanessa Ellen plus the glorious happy Disco, Funky, House vibrations expertly created by Mind Electric who are on top form this 2024 with their remixes. Booshu has thrown the Acapella in for you too! Have some fun on the floor & on your shows. Streaming on Apple Music & Spotify now.

B. Valentine – Love Me Still

Sink into the soulful sounds of B. Valentine as she unveils her brand- new single ‘Love Me Still’. A tender take on the Chaka Khan classic. B. Valentine’s irresistible vocal prowess and charm shines through as she effortlessly delivers her unique take on the much-loved song. Crediting Chaka Khan as a significant influence of her own music, B. Valentine pays homage to the icon through her flawless rendition of ‘Love Me Still’. Capturing the raw, honest and reflective emotions of the original record, B. Valentine delivers an exceptional performance, showcasing her undeniable talent.