THE SHAMANIC ft Andrea Love – FIRE

Close your eyes folks and imagine a full powered kick-drum, rising sequenced strings and glissando, aka Ashford & Simpson, melting into a Dan Hartman sprinkling piano alongside the War keyboardist from ‘The World Is A Ghetto’, as the Knuckles deepest Chicago melodies fuse into a C&C classic New York driving percussive rhythm-fills and the UK’s pulsing piano-house refrain around the beseechingly, earnest, soulful vocals of Andrea Love calling you to the “FIRE” of love on the dancefloor. “To get up and have a good time, because it feels so good to release your spirit higher.”

Imagine that collaborative possibility ! THEN put these mixes on for a joyful discovery that you have 4 versions of that amazing, once in an era production, from The Shamanic courtesy of chief creator’s Ralphi Rosario and Craig C Snyder. Wake Up! Music unleashing this feast of a beast. More incoming ! Out on Apple Music & Spotify now.

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