Amai Kuda Et Les Bois – Train (Philip Larsen Dance Remix)

winning artist Amai Kuda et les Bois brings us a song born of seemingly opposite musical extremes, a piece which powerfully reminds us of the deep historical roots of this year’s Black Lives Matter uprising.

The soulful vocals of the 2018 song ‘Train’, a “tantalizing Afro-soul combo of folk, roots, desert blues, and African continental music,” (NOW Magazine) about the experiences of people of color during colonization and slavery, has been set to a driving dance-pop beat provided by the Grammy-winning Philip Larsen, best known for his remixes for stars like Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, and Moby.

Amai Kuda Et Les Bois, a singer/songwriter, sangoma (traditional healer) and community organizer who believes music has the power to heal and change the world, and is committed to being part of this change, one song at a time including this song “Train”.

“The song itself is an act of resistance,” says Amai Kuda. While it laments the destruction created by colonization, “the train track that carved up the landscape of so many peoples’ lives, it deliberately disrupts the more European sonic motifs and English lyrics with African spiritual invocations. The piece is about bringing disparate and, in some ways, contradictory elements together,” so Larsen’s club music textures and beats work perfectly with Amai Kuda’s lyrics and vocals. Despite never having met (Larsen is based in London while Amai Kuda is in Toronto), the two worked closely online to create this unique track that is both timeless and very much of the current moment.

Amai’s “TRAIN”, A song that speaks to the roots of this year’s racial struggles

Soleil Carrillo – Duality tracks

The growing production talents of young Soleil Carrillo is very evident in the following six new creations for his Duality collection of tracks due for release on Traxsource today. Casanova and Passion particularly caught our attention.

Soleil Carrillo – Casanova (Master 4A – 126 Deep Vibes House
Soleil Carrillo – Passion (Master 8A – 120 Deep House
Soleil Carrillo – Myriad of Money (Master 6A – 100 Trap
Soleil Carrillo – Martial (Master 11A – 85 Drum n Bass
Soleil Carrillo feat The Neighbors – Drama (Explicit Master 9A – 120 Rap
Soleil Carrillo feat Klippa – Hurricanes (Master 7A – 140 Rap

Jeef B – Symphony (Intonenation Axiom)

Like finding a rare piece of sea glass on a perfect beach, Jeef B’s understated gem Symphony is rich with mysterious layers and colors that reveal an inner depth and history. The Moroccan native’s latest progressive offering reaches a state of emotional tantra, fascinating the listener and transporting them on a journey of understanding and unity. A deeply house-influenced beat and bass line, supporting the enchanting string and plucked themes, make this the perfect calm before the storm in any set. As dynamic as it is melodic, Symphony is a voyage to an unknown destination of promise. So ride the wave of Symphony with Jeef B, and take a step closer to yourself.

Jeef B – Symphony (Ext Mix 5A – 122 Trance-Progressive House
Jeef B – Symphony (Radio Mix 5A – 122 Trance-Progressive House

Tina Mazyck featuring Priest J & G.O.B.A. – Get To The Side

Tina Mazyck’s latest collaboration “Get To The Side” is with London based LSA Ministry Of Sound DJ Priest J & G.O.B.A. plus additional remixes from 2Drunk2Funk. Clear and powerfully produced mixes that literally bounce beautifully out of your speakers. A constant theme in Tina’s songs is that of empowerment. Enable your fans to feel that empowerment with inclusion of these mixes in your sets… Great work Tina, Priest J and G.O.B.A.”

Tina Mazyck ft Priest J & G.O.B.A. – Get To The Side (2Drunk2Funk – Ext Mix – 9A – 120 Funky Disco House
Tina Mazyck ft Priest J & G.O.B.A. – Get To The Side (2Drunk2Funk – Radio EdIt – 9A – 120 Funky Disco House
Tina Mazyck ft Priest J & G.O.B.A. – Get To The Side (Extended Mix – 9A – 124 Disco Bass House
Tina Mazyck ft Priest J & G.O.B.A. – Get To The Side (Radio Mix – 9A – 124 Disco Bass House

DJ Elektrique Afrique ft F.E.F and Brendan Peacock – Morning Shot

DJ Elektrique Afrique’ teams up with South African guitarist Brendan Peacock ( Boo, Soweto Gospel Choir, lucky Packet ) and F.E.F ( Futurist Electronic Foundation) for a House, Dance, Synthwave, Darkwave, Retrowave, Futuristic 80’s single entitled ‘Morning Shot’ Living in the Jungle.

DJ Elektrique Afrique ft F.E.F. & Brendan Peacock – Morning Shot (I Like it Hot) – 9A – 120 Synthwave
DJ Elektrique Afrique ft F.E.F. & Brendan Peacock – Morning Shot (I Like it Hot) (Twelve Inch Ext Drive Mix) – 9A – 120 Synthwave
DJ Elektrique Afrique ft F.E.F. & Brendan Peacock – Morning Shot (I Like it Hot) 12 Inch Synthwave 80 Rio Beach Yacht Remix – 9A – 120 Synthwave

South African ‘DJ Elektrique Afrique’ achieved success in the UK, where his previous musical projects received airplay on BBC Radio One and were featured on world-famous brands like N.M.E, Evening Standard, Capital Radio and MTV Europe.

DJ Elektrique Afrique was inspired by a trip to the South African Wild Coast and South Africa’s news analysis show and Youtube channel ‘Morning Shot’ with Roman Cabanac.

The ‘Morning Shot’ 80’s Rio Beach Yacht 12 Inch Remix has blown up globally with DJ’s already supporting it in Singapore, Turkey, Canada, UK, Japan, Ibiza, USA, Israel, Poland, Las Vegas, Australia, Qatar, Mexico, France, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ecuador and in Ibiza, Spain where the track has received support from Club Legends Pacha.

TOLSON – It’s All Normal

It’s all Normal. – Wipe your brain before entering.

It’s All Normal ‘ presents a chipper blend of interlaced guitars, deft keyboards, propulsive bass and crisp drumming which – Nah! F%@#! that noise! A pungent and danceable story about how weird it’s all been steadily getting.

“Again Tolson consistently exceeds expectations no one else has yet set.” -Official fake contemporary music review site.

Tolson: More an iso state of mind than a band.

TOLSON – Earthy & Authentic, the passion of Neil Young, the rock of the Rolling Stones, the story telling of Paul Kelly and the stream of consciousness of Dylan.

Band – Bill Tolson/Rusty Teluk/ Matthew Keene/ Bill (Ringo) Derham.

Guest artists on this release. Andrew Duffield, keyboards and production. Bill Miller guitar. Adam Learner Bass.

Luvbeatz featuring Liz Scott – Don’t Give Up

Luvbeatz, from the sunshine state of Texas, USA, are a world-chill, lounge-music production duo, creating their own DreamwaveTM sound with evocative vocals and harmonious melodies that will be played for years ahead of the music’s release from their Texan studios. First out of that Texan studio is the Bryan Adams song “Don’t Give Up” to inspire, uplift and motivate music fans (well everybody then) to keep their spirits up in these times. Bravo Luvbeatz, nice to meet yal !

Luvbeatz featuring Liz Scott – Don’t Give Up (Beatz Mix – 4A – 115 Club Lounge
Luvbeatz featuring Liz Scott – Don’t Give Up (Dreamwave Mix – 5A – 115 Lounge Dreamwave

Ray Guell ft Company B – My World Is Empty Without You

We waited a couple of days before launching this release by the talented Ray Guell, with Company B featuring, and their new recording, “My World Is Empty Without You”, a cover of The Supreme’s hit from 1965 including Mary Wilson, the co-founding member of the early teenage girl trio, originally known as the Primettes. Mary was universally loved by music fans and her passing over has been acknowledged globally with an outpouring of appreciation of Mary’s role as the longest member of the super-hit Motown act who had 5 consecutive US # 1 Pop Hit in those early 60’s.

In addition to My World Is Empty Without You is the Kings bonus track “I Love America”, a fantastic rendition by Ray Guell of the Patrick Juvet smash from 1978, to remind us all that great times are ahead in the USA as this current climate slowly fades into the rear mirror of life.

DJ Georgie Porgie – Feel It Now

DJ Georgie Porgie back again with a massive House Track for 2021. First it was “Going To Church,’ then came “Thank you,” followed by 2nd Sunday!! Georgie hits the proverbial stick on the drum with his brand new, glorious, release “Feel It Now” on iAmHouse-MPG across two mixes, the Extended and the Radio Edit, with a WAV of the Extended mix for you perfectors of the mix to have full quality loss-less audio. Bravo Georgie….

DJ Georgie Porgie – Feel It Now (Georgies Jack House Mix- 4A – 124 Jackin House
DJ Georgie Porgie – Feel It Now (Georgies Jack House Radio – 4A – 124 Jackin House