Ray Guell ft Company B – My World Is Empty Without You

We waited a couple of days before launching this release by the talented Ray Guell, with Company B featuring, and their new recording, “My World Is Empty Without You”, a cover of The Supreme’s hit from 1965 including Mary Wilson, the co-founding member of the early teenage girl trio, originally known as the Primettes. Mary was universally loved by music fans and her passing over has been acknowledged globally with an outpouring of appreciation of Mary’s role as the longest member of the super-hit Motown act who had 5 consecutive US # 1 Pop Hit in those early 60’s.

In addition to My World Is Empty Without You is the Kings bonus track “I Love America”, a fantastic rendition by Ray Guell of the Patrick Juvet smash from 1978, to remind us all that great times are ahead in the USA as this current climate slowly fades into the rear mirror of life.

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