Jeef B – Symphony (Intonenation Axiom)

Like finding a rare piece of sea glass on a perfect beach, Jeef B’s understated gem Symphony is rich with mysterious layers and colors that reveal an inner depth and history. The Moroccan native’s latest progressive offering reaches a state of emotional tantra, fascinating the listener and transporting them on a journey of understanding and unity. A deeply house-influenced beat and bass line, supporting the enchanting string and plucked themes, make this the perfect calm before the storm in any set. As dynamic as it is melodic, Symphony is a voyage to an unknown destination of promise. So ride the wave of Symphony with Jeef B, and take a step closer to yourself.

Jeef B – Symphony (Ext Mix 5A – 122 Trance-Progressive House
Jeef B – Symphony (Radio Mix 5A – 122 Trance-Progressive House

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