Nico Dacido ft Franke Pharoah – He’s Different

Nico Dacido is one of the most famous pioneers of dance music in Germany. Under the stage name Robotnico he has delivered club and chart hits like the legendary “Backfired” or “Can you feel the beat” and conquered the charts and clubs with the Mosquito Headz with “El Ritmo” and “Fuego”. With Robin Hirte he has also published some fat tracks for the clubs as Dacido & Hirte. With Franke Pharoah he found an incredibly interesting singer for his new release.

Franke already had two chart hits in the U.K. with “Understand this Groove” and “Love Come Home” and was No.1 in the British club charts with “Understand This Groove” (produced by Rollo – Faithless) and reached No. 2 in the USA Billboard Dance Charts with “Love Come Home”. He toured all over the United States and “Understand This Groove” also hit # 1 on the radio charts. It also means a lot to him that he was on tour as a backing singer with Marvin Gaye. With the jointly written emotional track “He’s Different”, both now want to conquer the clubs, radios and charts together.

It is difficult to make a video during these times, so they first had a lyric video made, which goes very well with this title. Remixes of Nico’s further project “Rockin Robots” and of “The Optimizer” complete this release. \

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