Jazzy K – Trap House

In 2019 Australia’s own Jazzy K’s soulful tone and empowering lyrics turned the heads of some of the biggest players in the U.S music industry when she released her debut single and addressed her own bullying experiences in her song titled “You Are”.

Jazzy spent many months in LA honing her skills as a singer and songwriter and after a chance meeting with Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds the Aussie singer landed an incredible opportunity to work with him and his team including, producer Antonio Dixon and guitar maestro, Eric Jackson.

The team spent several days in recording sessions laying down tracks and vocals, Jazzy didn’t fail to impress.

Further recording sessions followed with various industry heavyweights and a major record deal was presented to her, but Jazzy made the bold decision to ‘pass’ on what would have been perceived as an opportunity of a lifetime, her instinct kicked in and lead her to continue on her musical journey down a different path and ultimately the concept for “Trap House” was born.

“I was offered an opportunity that seemed amazing,” she said. “It was looking perfect but something didn’t feel right when I came home from LA, I had to make a decision and as I was reflecting on my journey so far I remember that I promised myself I would always trust my instincts and I would never change who I am for the industry. That’s when the lyrics for ‘Trap House’ started coming.”

Whilst back in LA and performing at an industry showcase, she caught the eye of the legendary multi-Grammy award winning producer, My Guy Mars (J ay-Z, Drake, Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, Drake). The pair hit it off and lead to the creation of her latest R&B pop single, “Trap House” with an important and inspiring message.

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