Nikifor – Togetherness

And here is the summer house hit of 2021!! This is one of the best feel good records you have heard in a long time!! DJ Nikifor from Macedonia is one of the best DJs in this area and plays almost every big event. He is passionate about music. He loves playing music at parties.

Togetherness is the happy track we need after this terrible time of social distance and being separated from each other. Togetherness is what we need now. Let`s dance into summer 2021 and sing “We need togetherness” What a Track!

We really look forward to this release and we cannot wait to sing it together with you. There are deep music vibrations in DJ Nikifor , from Skopje, the capital city North Macedonia, a city that has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC, deep vibrations as listening to his DJ mixing attests to. Out on Spotify & Apple Music from Nouveau Niveau Records now…

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