Rocco Bene feat Tania Doko – Andiamo

Andiamo (Italian for Let’s Go! and Hurry Up!). Fun, escapism – apt for the times. If you still can’t go anywhere right now, LET’S GO – ‘ANDIAMO’ – in our minds. With an animation video starring Australian/Italian pop star Rocco Bene, and Bachelor Girl’s lead singer, Tania Doko. Remixes from ‘Ruff Loaderz’ and Rocco’s own ‘Deep Moth’ plus the original radio version to wet your appetite for the upcoming remixes here for you. Penned in Stockholm by Rocco, Tania and Marcus Lindberg. Perfect for the burgeoning West Coast scene and wherever the sun is shining. Released now through Booshu Records on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes.

Backstory to the song itself. Rocco Bene is an Australian rock/pop/electro singer/songwriter. Rocco took off on a songwriting trip to Sweden, where he collaborated with Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl) and producer Marcus Lindberg. A week before meeting Tania and Marcus in Sweden, Rocco was with his family in Italy saying their last goodbyes to his beautiful mother as they scattered her ashes in Capri Italy. After our first day of writing, Tania said to me, “We need to write a hit song in her honour.” “I went home to my twisted Airbnb and started to reflect on my childhood and Italian heritage and bang I had an idea that we naturally created a song we are very proud of and Andiamo was born” – Rocco

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