Nathassia – Lair

We love this girl Nathassia, she is the definition of a true artist, always evolving, like a Madonna of her own era. From writing songs, to producing and mixing them, then artistically presenting herself uniquely to world’s eyes in the image of herself and creating a weekly online visual mixshow. She never stops her evolution. The photo of Nathassia with the mountain behind her could be of a Sioux girl on the plains of America two hundred years ago or could just as easy be Nathassia at a Burning Man festival in the US desert in 2025. She is uniquely something else, the very essence of an artist and we love her, burnt and scalped of the heart in fact. Great mixes from the UK’s Futuristic Polar Bears in a Future House vein plus the excellent originals from Nathassia too. Getting early support from David Guetta, Tiësto, Kryder, Maurice West amongst others. The Nathassia wagon train is pulling into town to seduce you into her Lair…

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