Leee John (Of Imagination) – It Feels So Good

With the 40th Anniversary of Imagination this year, Leee John (Of Imagination) continues the celebration, with this new release “It Feels So Good”. In 1981 Imagination had their first hit release, followed by numerous classics, including “Just and Illusion”, “Changes”, “Body Talk” plus “Music & Lights”, just to name a few, and by 1987 the song “Instinctual” was released.

After those fabulous and timeless hits Leee John (of Imagination) had a well established solid worldwide fan base. Brooklyn NY based DJ Victor Simonelli was just starting as studio intern in 1987 at Shakedown Sound, a studio owned by Arthur Baker in New York, where Leee and Victor met for the first time and where Leee recorded the song “Instinctual” with Arthur. Victor, being a big fan himself of Leee hoped somewhat instinctually to record with Leee one day in the future.

This is where the story of this new song, “It Feels So Good” begins. Victor along with long time friends and writing/prod partners From New Jersey Sam and Kelly Mack, came up with a basic idea around 1988, hoping to get it to Leee and complete it one day. Time passes with Victor becoming a well established, internationally followed DJ, producer, songwriter, remixer and music label owner.
Sam and Kelly, now have numerous successful releases under their belts.

In 2018, Victor and Leee finally met again, this time in London UK and now with the intention to complete and record this amazing gem of a song. Fast forward to 2021, this long awaited collaboration materializes, coincidentally with Imagination’s own 40th Anniversary, perfect timing for “It Feels So Good”.

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