James Chris & Native Shores – Sympathy for the Devil

Talented producer James Chris, Native Shores and Joey Batts collaborate for the New York label Cufflink Records with this classic re-recording of “Sympathy For The Devil”. Originally written by Mick Jagger plus a tempo change, with additional percussion, by Keith Richards into a samba beat production, creating, what to these ears, possibly the first ever House record in its 117 bpm groove from Dec 1968. A mainstay tune for the legendary DJ Alfredo in Ibiza at Amnesia.

The lyrics focus on atrocities in mankind’s history from Satan’s point of view, including the trial and death of Jesus Christ, European wars of religion, the violence of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the 1918 execution of the Romanov family during World War I, and World War II. The song was originally written with a line asking who shot Kennedy, but after Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination on 6 June 1968, the line was changed to reference both assassinations. There is real history to the song (info for your radio shows).

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