Naomi Suzuki & James Taylor Quartet – Shine A Light

NAOMI SUZUKI UNITES WITH THE JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET FOR RADIANT NEW SINGLE: “Shine The Light”. Percussive Jazz Club House – Club House. Wavs & MP3s. Prepare to be dazzled again with the release of Naomi Suzuki’s latest single, Shine A Light, featuring the James Taylor Quartet. The new track, which is available to listen to now showcases her remarkable vocal prowess alongside JTO’s infectious acid-jazz rhythms and is sure to get you moving and grooving! Also this club mix is off the charts with its funk vibes and killer grooves promising to out a fresh song on the original tracks acid jazz sound. Out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Born in Tarawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Naomi Suzuki is a UK based Japanese entertainer and world- class performer Her remarkable versatility songs a variety of domains within the entertainment industry displaying her talents as an actress as Tim, a charismatic performer and stage presenter, and a captivating singer delivering music performance’s that resonate deeply with her audience.

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