S.O.A. ft Zumbi – I’ll Be Alright

Sound Of Alchemy, the European electronic music project created by the accomplished DJ/Producer Javier G Alba, is excited to announce the release of his latest production “I’ll Be Alright”. This vibrant track features the compelling vocals of Zumbi and comes with an electrifying remix by the renowned DJ AJ Mora. Set to captivate the electronic music scene. The track builds on the Sound of Alchemy’s signature blend of House, EDM, and Synthpop, infused with cinematic elements that have defined his individual sound.

“I’ll Be Alright” is a melodious testament to resilience and hope, masterfully combining Zumba’s soulful delivery with the dynamic and layered production that fans have come to expect from the Sound of Alchemy. Zumbi, known for his emotive voice and impactful lyrics, brings an exceptional depth to the track, making it not only a dance floor hit but also a heartfelt anthem. The original mix is complemented by a remix from AJ Mora, a veteran in the electronic dance music community. Mora’s remix takes the track to new heights with its bold approach and innovative beats, ensuring that it stands out in clubs globally.

This release not only showcases the artistic evolution of Sound Alchemy but also highlights the collaborative spirit of the electronic music industry . With “I’ll Be Alright”, Sound of Alchemy continues to push the boundaries of genre and creativity, promising to be a significant addition to playlists and radio spins around the world.

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